Friday, August 10, 2012

What Would I Do Without Girlfriends?!

looking through my camera I realized that I still have photos from earlier in the week.  They won't be coming out in order cause after all I am a little disorganized! lol  I think that the most important question of the day is...What would I do without girlfriends!?  When life is moving faster than ever you can rest your soul in the company of girlfriends...and that is just what I have been doing this week!  Do you ever feel like you would go insane if not for your girlfriends?

Woolie Tuesday was so relaxing (we missed you Sandy) QuiltWorks is such a wonderful spot to take a few stitches.  When you need to stretch your legs you can always go shop! lol  3 yds. later I felt relaxed! lol  I'll show you on a future blog.

Mary R. made this simply sweet quilt as a shower gift for her personal trainer!  I wouldn't give diddly squat to someone who yells, "harder, sissy!"  Well, her trainer actually doesn't say that to her...obviously, doesn't make her do a dang thing otherwise why would she like her enough to make her a quilt?

She also made this really fun pictograph quilt with embroidered motifs!

Jo Ann made this adorable little quilt.  When you click on the photo it will enlarge...which you must do because she used decorative stitches on her sewing machine to quilt the border!  I am going to remember that idea.

Finally...HH and I spent 2 hours with Stacey Strain Designer who helped us work through the decisions of what product, stain and paint color we wanted in our home.  Wow!  What a fun exciting is a good thing we know what we like and went through and decided fairly quickly.  After 35 years together I guess we have compromise down pat! lol

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