Monday, August 6, 2012

What A Day! Quilt Show, Flashback Cruz...and a Winner!!!

Saturday was packed, packed, packed with fun!  I guess one could say I am living large!  Rode "Patty" across town to BJ's Quilt Basket for our monthly Free BOM class in the morning, hopped in Irene's car with a couple of other Fabric Stalkers and we headed for the Sunriver Quilt Show.  The Sunriver Mountain Meadow Guild is filled with talent and the show is in the Sunriver Village which is a local destination resort (we have many destination resorts).  The quilts were hung among the shops and you could leisurely view them while walking in and out of the local businesses.  The slide show will give you a hint of what those gals are up too!

After the show I scooted on home, took a short nap while waiting for HH to show up for date night!  What a fantastic evening we had!  The annual Flashback Cruz was being held downtown and the 3 of us (Enzo included) snagged a table in front of Amalias for the car show!

If I didn't have sooooo much money invested in fabric I would want to own one of these cool cars!

Even a former US President showed up!

We ran into my DIL's sister and her family!  What a cute couple, dressed to show off their car!

Even the girls were dressed up for the car show!

Right next to us at Amalias was Laurie Thorson of Warm Threads .  Even though it was in the 80's I was thinking about how cute I might look this winter with one of her hats!  What great Christmas gifts!!! If you are interested contact her...she also makes adorable baby hats that are sold nationwide! I also linked her on the sidebar for you out of towners.

We ran into Terry and Bev Piper!  Bev is an extroidnary local applique quilter.   She has worked at local quilt stores, taught classes and is a Material Girl.  Terry, her husband is everyone's honey do!  Terry refurbished this car (1949) and has it FOR SALE if you are interested!

Hope you enjoy the slide show!  and now for the big announcement...who wins the fabric panel of the  2012 Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show poster...well...the dog dish coughed up Woolensails...and, since she stated in her comment that Michelle could have's Michelle's by blog sharing!!!! lol  email me both your mailing addresses...Debbie, you'll get a little something else...just for being sweet! lol

Before I get ready for Material Girls...I have the funniest story!  They advertised the Sunriver Quilt Show in the local paper and said there was going to be a Civil War Quilt Exhibit!  So on the way to the show Irene was asking if I had seen it in the paper...she was really excited!!!  I!  She couldn't believe I hadn't seen it...and that is when I asked...Are you talking about the Ducks and Beavers Quilts from U of O and OSU???  We burst out laughing...sorry Civil War Quilts, as in Barbara Brackman...on orange/black and green/yellow quilts, as in Beavers and Ducks...she looks so sad in this photo!

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  1. We do have a few car shows around here and a few people drive them on the weekends, fun to see. Looks like you had a nice date night, I need one of those, but I can't eat out, so ruins the fun, we do paddling instead, lol. Congratulations to Michelle, I am glad I could make someone happy today:)

    Are you working on your pillow? I have mine started so should have the top stitching done today and a photo.


  2. Congratulations Michelle! As for that beautiful red car...if I had the $$, it would be mine.

  3. Me, this michelle? me? Or is there another one? Let me know and if it is me, then I will gladly send you my address...and I saw you (as per my text) on Patty as the boys and I were heading out to my friends on Saturday...


    and if it is me, then THANK YOU Woolensails...

  4. OHMYGOODNESS.....It is me!!! thank you Debby from Woolensails..

    Anna, i will email you my address...

    I have NEVER WON anything in my life!!!!!

  5. Debbie...oy, sorry for mis-spelling your name.....and I was at the Sunriver quilt show at about 8:45 as I was getting ready to check out of the condo...I wandered over and got TWO CIVIL WAR books by Barbara...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. And to boot...they were only $1.00 each...I loved the OSU quilts..not being a Duck fan at tall!....

    thank you again.