Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Parties Is Over!!!

Man oh man are we pooped...the party is over but the feeling of contentment in the happiness of our son cannot be measured although our little Wyatt is not happy the party is over!

The wedding party was beautiful, the wedding fantastic and the reception...was...well...the best party I have been too!!!

I am at peace.  Have both my boys loving and being loved...well, is there anything more wonderful for a mother.  And be still my heart...HH was so handsome in his tux!

I love this "rock band" photo of the cousins!  cracks me up!

I had to show you the non wedding cake.  So, here is the story...Emily didn't want a wedding cake, she decided to have a variety of wedding pies.  Her dad being an artist for McMenamin's decided to create a cake as the center piece for the pies.  There were rotating lights in the center that twinkled as darkness settled in...wow!

soon I will be back to quilt talk....


  1. Congratulations Mom...you done good!! Your son is movie star good looking and certainly looks like you!:o) The wedding was picture perfect! Best Wishes to the Bride and Groom!

  2. What a beautiful family you have! Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Bride & Groom! Well done Mom & Dad!

  3. Beautiful photos of the happy couple and your family. My husband looks like a dork in a tuxedo, lol.


  4. Wonderful wedding photos, you must be so proud. Good looking family you have.

  5. What a beautiful group of people! The wedding was truly one big celebration, and will be fondly remembered in your family as spectacular. What cute idea about the wedding pies with that beautiful cake creation. I know there are a couple of happy parents for both the bride and the groom. Congratulations!

  6. Beautiful couple and family... I bet you're just overjoyed with happiness! Congrats Mama...

  7. Congratulations to all! I can see your smile from here. Love!