Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I did it...I really really did it!  I wanted to kick Nancy (a fabric stalker) when she told me I needed to make an apron for my future DIL's recipe shower...like I had time for that!  But, I did it!!!  I used that sweet cupcake fabric and created an arpon that was just as sweet as she is...and with careful planning I centered the word "sweet" on the pocket!

Clever, aren't I!

...and here is the most exciting news...which will totally crack up the Fabric Stalkers! LOL  I was sooooo excited to see this porta potty!!!!  On our way over the mountain we drove by our lot to see is anything had changed.  Lo and behold they had graded the lot and placed a porta potty!!!  My life has just ramped up a notch.  There is more tension around here than Dancing With The Stars!

We will have to see if I can keep up on the blog through the next week...if I miss a day, mea culpa...it is not because I don't love ya!
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