Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I did it...I really really did it!  I wanted to kick Nancy (a fabric stalker) when she told me I needed to make an apron for my future DIL's recipe shower...like I had time for that!  But, I did it!!!  I used that sweet cupcake fabric and created an arpon that was just as sweet as she is...and with careful planning I centered the word "sweet" on the pocket!

Clever, aren't I!

...and here is the most exciting news...which will totally crack up the Fabric Stalkers! LOL  I was sooooo excited to see this porta potty!!!!  On our way over the mountain we drove by our lot to see is anything had changed.  Lo and behold they had graded the lot and placed a porta potty!!!  My life has just ramped up a notch.  There is more tension around here than Dancing With The Stars!

We will have to see if I can keep up on the blog through the next week...if I miss a day, mea culpa...it is not because I don't love ya!


  1. This Fabric Stalker wants to know if you used the port-a-potty, or just took a picture of it?

  2. Cute apron!! She's going to love it!

    Yea!!! The dream house is getting real now, and will start taking shape very soon!!

  3. Darling apron.
    Oh how the little things, like a port-a-potty, can make our day.

  4. That is the cutest apron!!! I love that fabric!! I actually have had that same pattern for awhile now and forgot I had it until I saw yours! LOL
    Great job! (could you tell me what the name of the fabric is)? Pretty please??? :)))


    1. oh Tanya I hope you check back to read this because you are listed as a no reply reader so I can't answer your emails personally...boo hoo! if you want to change that on the right side of the blog I have instructions on how to change that status...so we can talk! as for the fabric, click on Sew Many Quilts on the left side of the blog listed under Local Quilt Stores. I got it there and there are other pieces in the line...I just don't know the name. have fun! Tell that the Woolie sent ya!

  5. Fully understand the excitement of the porta potty! When my parents bought a piece of land in the VA mountains for their retirement, one of the first things my dad and I did was to pre-fab an outhouse in the backyard of their townhouse in Alexandria! Of course, we knocked it down and took it to their 100 acres and installed it in the woods there...but my oh my what their neighbors in Alexandria must have been thinking! Quarter moon on the door and all.... Thanks for sparking the memories....

  6. Very nice apron! She will love it! Is your new home going to be in the same area you live now?

  7. What a great idea to make such a "sweet" apron for the recipe shower. That is one adorable apron! We built our home many years ago, but I do recall that pit-of-my-stomach excitement! Looking forward to following the progress of your new home with you. How fun!

  8. You did a beautiful job on the apron, I really like how it came out. Who would have thought, excited over a porta potty, lol.