Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sweet Contentment

yesterday was a sweet day, a sewing day, a HH day...a movie day!  We couldn't go camping because of some unfinished business but tried to make the most of waiting around for papers.  I finished my August UFO!!!  I have several table runner tops that were made at retreats in 2010.  Lori and I were crazy for table runner patterns because we love 5 inch charm packs and the different table runners that can be made using those packs.  1 down....a zillion to go...lol

HH and I went to check out the sale of patio furniture and found the perfect set for our future little patio...because we are going to sit out there every evening all year long.  At 40-60% off we couldn't afford to wait till next year cause then we'd be dealing with 2013 Spring prices!

In the afternoon once work was done we went to the movie and dinner.  The movie, "Hope Springs" a Merly Strep and Tommy Lee Jones movie was different than I thought.  I had seen clips and with Steve Carrell I thought it was going to be hysterically funny...in fact, it was funny...but, also sweet, heartwarming and the acting was excellent!  Dinner was next door at Hola's the puppet entertainment was cute, the Chanco a la Sancho was delish (we shared the dinner which was more than enough) but, next time I am passing on the Vanilla Mango Mojito...just not that good.

Hope your Monday was adventurous!


  1. Sounds like the perfect day, I need one of those, lol.
    Can't believe it is almost fall, I seem to be missing time lately, haha.


  2. Adorable table runner. They are so fun, aren't they. Looks great and doesn't take too long to make, so gratifying! Super idea to pick up your patio furnishings now and save, save, save. Looks pretty comfy. Date night sounds just lovely. Spending uninterrupted time together is hard to find at our home, date night solves that. Have a great day!


  3. Nice patio furniture! Should be really comfy for those lovely summer evenings staring at the 3 Sisters!