Thursday, August 16, 2012

Spoiler Alert...NO Quilt Talk Here

I barely got to hug my son upon his arrival at the airport because we were dropping him a car while we met up with other family members to take the Max (the light rail) into downtown.  And the cops do not let you chit chat at the curb...nor hang onto your son who you haven't seen in 11 months!  Why am I telling you this...because I wanted to share a story.

You know how you occasionally will make a mistake and you won't know the benefit of the mistake for a long time. I didn't have to wait long. So, I am chit chatting with my sis while HH and my BIL are standing on the Max...HH says, "I think this is our stop."  but I was too busy to pay attention and so we went several blocks passed our stop.  Which required us to double back and wait for a Max going the opposite direction.  While waiting i saw this pigeon looking at if to say, ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME????

Then he decides to heck with it and takes a drink!  How fascinating...and I would have missed it if I had gotten off at the right stop...I think this week will be filled with these AH Ha moments!


  1. I definitively would not want to drink out of that fountain, lol.
    I decided to start a christmas idea with punch and making a mess, my nerves are acting up again, so hard to get the right tension for punching, I am either too hard or too light, so will see how it turns out when I finish it;)


  2. You only have those Ah Ha moments if you are open to them. Glad you noticed, and that you were able to capture it for us too!

  3. cute!
    but I don't want a drink either!
    love those kind of moments!

  4. in the moment has some really nice benefits. Enjoy! (And don't use the outdoor drinking fountains in that area!! lol)