Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Favorite Things

It wasn't until I misplaced my favorite tool that I even gave it a second thought.  I hadn't seen my favorite wool scissors since the last Fabric Stalkers Retreat at Quiet River.  I was almost to the point of sending out a mass email to see if they got mixed in with someone else's stuff.  I made one last sweep through every project box, PIG, UFO's, BOW's, BOM's and alleluia I found them in my Harrington and Hannah project.  I love these wool scissors by Olfa.  They cut through wool like butter and that's a fact. What is your favorite tool??

My other favorite item is this photo taken by my DIL, Emily...I love saying that...she was with her saying her SIL and BIL the parents of my grandson', that's a mouth full of fun!  So here is the sweetest photo in the world, an uncle with his nephews.  Sometimes life just is perfection.


  1. Anna,

    Have you tried the Karen Kay Buckly serrated scissors? They are amazing, they come in two sizes in purple and green handles.

    Love them to cut wool or even cotton.

  2. Glad you found them...maybe I need a pair of those...Ofla? What size? about a 3 or 4 inch?

  3. Maybe you ought to get a "leash" for them. I have one on each of my two best scissors. You of those lanyards that has either the ability to stretch, or to detach. It reduces the chances of laying them down and forgetting them when I go to my group gatherings.

  4. I finally found some regular scissors that I love for fabric, cut like butter and no more jagged edges on my appliqués. Love that photo, so sweet.


  5. Awww, that is an adorable photo! Can't help but smile when I look at it. You have every reason to be a proud mama and gramma!

  6. I love the photo!

    My fav scissors are Gingher, I have ab 8 pairs, they are in projects; so I couldn't show them as the projects are usually WIPs that border on UFOs!

    But my favs for ever are the Gingher serrated blades, they are gorgeous to use.