Friday, August 17, 2012

It's All In The Interpretation....

I'm walking in downtown Portland when I see this sign...Honey Bucket...on the side of a Porta Potty...well, as I see it I might have felt different about Porta Potties if they all had this cute sign on the side.  Of course the construction worker who came out while I was taking the photo...said, "they don't smell like a honey bucket!" LOL

Once my aunts arrived I took them on a short Trolley sight seeing ride and a quick trip into a couple of stores for shopping.  Sur La Table was at the top of my list but I had never been inside of Anthropologies which turned out to be a great store!  Not only a clothing store but home decor...and look at this lamp.  It opened the possibilities of how to use wool in different way!

Maybe it is just me but it seems every where I went there was a little bit of France...just enough to make me remember where I will be on Sept. 5th!

I am pooped but it is the good kind of pooped...stay tuned....


  1. I like the new pit toilets, ones that look like bathrooms and are actually kept clean, lol. Love that lamp, have seen patterns to do prim ones and though about doing my lamp.


  2. you know what they call the poor pitiful souls who have to clean out those honey buckets?!?

    honey dippers!!!

    and i thought MY job was icky...

  3. Wow, that lamp is awesome! I really need to update my shades... I still have country hearts from the late 90s on my shades! I know you are having fun with all your company...enjoy!