Saturday, August 4, 2012

It Broke! (Don't forget the Give Away)

It has been about 4 years since I last had to buy an iron.  At that time rather than go to the iron store (?) I went to TJMaxx and asked if they had an iron in the store.  They had one, in the back corner...and, it was a Rowenta!!!  for $24!!!  It has worked great until yesterday when it gave up the ghost.  Right when I was starting to work on my BJ's Quilt BOM blocks...and so...they look like this rather than all flat and pretty!  And now I am faced with finding a new iron...what kind of iron do you have...and do you like it?

HH came home with the house plans printed on BIG paper so I could see it and he could explain it to me.  I think it is going to be a nice home with a functional floor plan.

but....I had to pause at this....Hobby Room???!!!  I beg to differ...that space is a sewing room where wonderful quilts will be created and BOM's will be a thing of the past!!!!  Really...don't house designers know anything?????

Today I am heading to the Free BOM group at BJ's Quilt Basket and then some of the Fabric Stalkers are car pooling to the Sunriver Quilt Show...this next week will be filled with slide shows...starting with the 1st Friday at QuiltWorks show!  I swear, it is exhausting being a quilter in Central Oregon!!! lol

Don't forget about the Give Away...only a couple of days left! just be a registered follower and leave a comment on the Give Away post!


  1. Great question regarding the type of iron folks are using - I will be reading the comments/suggestions you receive as I need a new iron as well!!
    I bought an Oliso iron last year (my well-loved Rowenta bit the dust). Bunny Hill Designs had a giveaway for an Oliso iron that I did not win but since it looked liked a good iron for quilters I splurged and bought one. After about three months it started spitting water and I've found that the area on the sole plate where the little foot comes out will sometimes catch on the fabric as I'm pressing it. Ive also found that, for me, the iron is too heavy and bulky (?) when using.

  2. I wish I had thought out my room better, used furniture and that takes up more space than if I had done built ins to hold my stash, lol. Have fun today, I am cleaning and sewing on my wedding pillow.


  3. I have an oliso, and so far I love it. Looks like you even have a bathroom att to your sewing studio, how wonderful is that!

  4. I am in Australia so I don't think I can help with the brand of iron but I do have a couple of hints. (I have a Phillips iron)
    1. Check the steam output, this varied a lot with the different irons. If you are a person who likes steam then you want to find one with more than 40g continuous steam and a boost of up to 130g. Note: this means that you need to be filling the water tank regularly.
    2. Check the sole plate - make sure it is scratch resistant, just in case you run over a pin. And easy to clean, in case some of the interfacing glue gets on the iron, lots of holes means lots of places to clean.
    3. I love my steam tip, this is a great feature for small pieces or thin seams.
    4. Electronic safety shutoff. Just in case you get distracted.
    5. A BIG heel, so that when you sit it up it is stable and doesn't fall over easily.
    Finally, if you can afford it, I would recommend getting an iron with a steam station. A friend has one and it is totally brilliant for everything.
    Hope you can find something that works for you.

  5. I too am in need of a new iron thanks for contest

  6. I bought an Oliso at PIQF last year....don't bother. It's expensive, doesn't get hot enough, barely steams, or leaks. I'm on my third replacement and have given up hope I'll ever get a good one. IMO it's a POS!