Saturday, August 11, 2012

Heat Quilters

I am not sure if you would call Central Oregon Heat Quilters or Hot in sizzling hot!  We have had some warm weather but I think for the most part people are not complaining...when snow is only a few short months away...we'll take the HOT! (oh and this thermometer is in the shade)

Here I am catching up on some photos from this last Monday at the Material Girls.  It is so funny how everyone enjoys their quilts but hates to be in the photo!  Isn't this a wonderful applique quilt!

...and look at the flowers!!!

Here was Marilyn's submission to the MG's challenge quilt contest.  If you remember the challenge was circles and the title of her quilt is Yo Yo's are circles too!

Dang that Anne...she brought 2 extra patterns to pass on at cost...and off course I couldn't pass it up!  Good thing I am going to live till I am 175 years and Moses...wonder if he was a quilter and that is why he lived so long...GOD said, "Moses, GO Forth and finish your UFO's!"

Aren't these quilts amazing!  Anne of Cottons 'n Wool has been one busy girl!  Are you listening Cakers....that border really does pop the quilt!  No short cuts!!!

...and just like Marilyn, Anne is a quilt enabler and is finishing this one up for a friend.  What I don't understand is why the 2 of them won't finish up one of MINE!!!!

I told Lori yesterday...I can't wait till late Fall when I can say, "Wonder what I feel like doing?"  In the meantime I am just collecting dreams.
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