Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Decisions, Decisions...

Who would have thought that buying an iron would take as much research and input as a car!  First of all I have store phobia...well, I should say I have very specific shopping requirements.  One is that, if I get the hebee jeebies when I first walk in I don't come back.  The other is that if the store is selling household items, clothing, furniture AND food all under one roof...I don't shop there.  I can't explain it and I don't judgement myself...I just except that I have LSRS (limited shopping requirement syndrome).   I do not shop at Walmart because when it first opened and I walked was too big and had signs hanging from the ceiling and I got a headache.  I don't shop at Fred Myers because there is furniture and beef under the same roof...sooooo back to the a small town like ours there is not an iron store...THAT is what I wanted an iron store!  I had to settle for Target.  I used to like Target until this year when they added groceries. I had not been since.  But, since I really needed the iron and I had a choice of Walmart, Fred Myers or Target, well Target was the smallest.  I went really early in the morning when it wasn't crowded and I pretended there wasn't groceries in there.

They had a whole display of irons.  Rowenta, Sunbeam and Black & Decker.  I decided against the Rowenta because after all that is what I had and it only lasted 4 years.  Sunbeam...hummm I think I used to own hot rollers that were Sunbeam and I didn't look any cuter after using them.  Black & Decker made me think I might find HH had hung my iron on his tool rack.  Then I saw a Singer...I had never seen a singer iron and they have a long relationship with the sewing world!  It wasn't on the display and I had to open the box and check it out.

Nice lavender color, big water reservoir, automatic shut off after 8 minutes...looks like a winner!

But then I saw the plate...look at all those holes! right up to the tip!  It was spendier than some and less than others  at $49.99.  I could have gone with a $19.00 iron but it had only about 12 steam holes.  Overall I am happy with my choice and will let you know how long it will last.


  1. I tried to find one a year or so ago that didn't have steam holes, so that I could use it for fusibles. I only found one at an online shop that sells old fashioned stuff, so I ordered it. It was cheesy and missing parts, so I returned it for a new one. It was not finished being assembled (no instructions for assembly), with some parts that would not fit in any way, shape or form. Then I sent it back for a new one once again and it didn't work. So I sent it for a refund, went to my local Walmart and bought a Shark. I've had it about a year, and it works well, but it has steam holes, and the shut off is not nearly as long as your new one has. I'll be anxious to hear how yours performs and lasts.

  2. I'll be anxious to see how you like it, Anna. My 7 year old Rowenta died earlier this week so now I'm on the hunt. I picked up a cheapie at Wal-Mart yesterday just to get by.

  3. Irons are important! My automatic shut off is for longer than 8 minutes and I worry that it will NEVER shut off at I am constantly unplugging...just in case! Look forward to hearing a review of yours...

  4. There is a nice review of top-rated irons in the newly published "Generation Q" magazine.(Good read by the way...)Sunbeam Turbo Steam Master Professional, $39.99, was rated tops. Check out this brand spanking new magazine...Cool!

  5. I bought a Sunbean about 1 1/2 years ago and it's still working like a charm. I find that Bi-Mart (at least in Salem area) has a good selection. I always go there first before I go to Wal-mart since it's employee owned.

  6. Three words - Bed, Bath, Beyond for my first choice - always have a 20% off coupon and even though they are dated - the store in Bend takes outdated coupons all the time