Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Decisions, Decisions...

Who would have thought that buying an iron would take as much research and input as a car!  First of all I have store phobia...well, I should say I have very specific shopping requirements.  One is that, if I get the hebee jeebies when I first walk in I don't come back.  The other is that if the store is selling household items, clothing, furniture AND food all under one roof...I don't shop there.  I can't explain it and I don't judgement myself...I just except that I have LSRS (limited shopping requirement syndrome).   I do not shop at Walmart because when it first opened and I walked was too big and had signs hanging from the ceiling and I got a headache.  I don't shop at Fred Myers because there is furniture and beef under the same roof...sooooo back to the a small town like ours there is not an iron store...THAT is what I wanted an iron store!  I had to settle for Target.  I used to like Target until this year when they added groceries. I had not been since.  But, since I really needed the iron and I had a choice of Walmart, Fred Myers or Target, well Target was the smallest.  I went really early in the morning when it wasn't crowded and I pretended there wasn't groceries in there.

They had a whole display of irons.  Rowenta, Sunbeam and Black & Decker.  I decided against the Rowenta because after all that is what I had and it only lasted 4 years.  Sunbeam...hummm I think I used to own hot rollers that were Sunbeam and I didn't look any cuter after using them.  Black & Decker made me think I might find HH had hung my iron on his tool rack.  Then I saw a Singer...I had never seen a singer iron and they have a long relationship with the sewing world!  It wasn't on the display and I had to open the box and check it out.

Nice lavender color, big water reservoir, automatic shut off after 8 minutes...looks like a winner!

But then I saw the plate...look at all those holes! right up to the tip!  It was spendier than some and less than others  at $49.99.  I could have gone with a $19.00 iron but it had only about 12 steam holes.  Overall I am happy with my choice and will let you know how long it will last.
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