Thursday, August 23, 2012

An Evolving Dream

One of the many items to catch up on was the new construction.  Not only was a $35 credit at the Stitchin' Post burning a hole in my quilting dream but, we were dying to see if anything else had been done.  Alleluia!!! They had poured and cured the foundation!  With that part set in we could walk around and visualize exactly what the view was going to be like and from where.  We decided we were going to drop a dime on outdoor living room furniture because our little patio in the back has a full view of the 3 Sisters!!!!  We are going to eat all our meals out there, bundled in ski gear in the winter and shorts in the  As soon as we pulled up to take photos a new neighbor came over and introduced himself.  He is waiting for his build to start and was excited to see ours start to go up. Then the construction foreman happened to drive up and we got the lo down on what was next.  Tomorrow plumbing and electrical lines go in, followed by subflooring.  On Tuesday a city inspection and Wednesday framing starts!!!

I walked around and around the property...and then I walked around and around the Stitchin Post...what to spend my $35 credit on....hummm?  I decided on these 4 threads and 2 packs of needles....yummy colors.  I was soooo tempted to sign up for classes after seeing all the class displays but I resisted since this fall and winter are going to be busy.

But just so I don't suffer alone I took lots of slides in the shop and of all the class displays.  Maybe some of you will be able to take the classes...or...maybe you will be whining like me....

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  1. How do you sleep at night with so much excitement happening! I know I wouldn't get a wink in if we were building again. Lol! The photo of your foundation also shows such a gorgeous view. Was that you doing a happy dance all the way around the foundation? :-)
    Yummy thread and yummy slides, so many quilts and so little time! Have a great day!

  2. That is exciting, seeing it grow. Is there an empty lot in front of your view or a house lot? Love the store photos, lots of nice art pieces and love the quilting on the modern pieces.


  3. Breathtaking!
    Now for a little stroll down memory lane. Remember that outhouse I told you about? Well my parents came to decide that it might be a good idea to put a little vacation home on the land. Something with indoor plumbing. Especially after Mom got into the poison ivy. Anyway, they didn’t tell me. So one weekend my friends and I drove up to the farm with our camping stuff and lo and behold there was a house sitting there! Talk about shock! Just think about what fun it will be for you when you get back from France.

  4. Can't wait to see it...when is the estimated completion date? My friend is their painter..he and his crew do a great job.

  5. The house is exciting, now that there is something to be seen, isn't it?? As for the choice of the's my favorite brand and I love those colors. Now I want those colors!!!

  6. Love this stage, in 94 we built a home and I remember doing just this same thing. Your view is going to be a year round treat! Enjoy the process, its very personal and worth the energy.