Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The River to the Desert

What can I say...I really just wanted to take a break from reality.  Do you ever have moments where you wish you could wake up in an entirely different world, different name and take a break from the issues of your current existence?  Where the things in the news aren't real!  Who would you be?  Where would you live?  I was blessed to be able to have one of those moments...a break from the real world.  The retreat weekend was great...although, I would always want another day.  The Fabric Stalkers are going through changes, as half are retired and half are not...and, we are all adjusting to the changes in lifestyle that affect us as a group.  Once retreat was over...I was nowhere ready to jump back into the emails, business and decisions.  So, I left my life!

...and woke up here.

HH and Enzo had taken our new camp trailer out into the desert for an off the grid camp adventure and I planned to leave Quiet River and cross part of the desert in search of them.  I am talkin'...driving out east on HWY 20 turn at the power line on the dirt road and drive until you have gone over 6 cattle guards and  covered miles of dirt road.  Now, you are in the middle of nowhere....and you know what you find out there...PEACE.    The kinds of peace where you have no interest in stitching...you just want to sit and listen to the warm breeze as it moves through the trees.  Wow, who would have thought just 24 hours away from the world would rejuvenate your view on life.  I highly recommend it!

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  1. With my luck I would be out in the middle of nowhere and my car would break down, lol. Is that a campground or did you just find it, lol. I could use a week in the mountains too.


  2. So how did you ever find them in the middle of nowhere??? I love the trailer!

  3. Your slideshow made me smile. I think we could all use a step away from life and all that come with it - you just made it happen, good for you.

  4. Lovely photos Anna, what a great place to find and enjoy with Enzo and HH.

    I'm sure you will go back again and again.

    Lovely quilt photos.

  5. You made me wish it was Oct. and we were headed to our out in the woods camping spot over by Heppner. I so enjoy that 1 &1/2 weeks of being out enjoying the outdoors, being around a campfire and watching the sun come up in the morning. Thanks for the smiles this morning.