Friday, July 6, 2012

The Dog Ate My Homework

Yesterday after a nice walk with Enzo and his friends I had a wonderful breakfast with my friends Marilyn and Diane.  Diane visits from Texas twice a year and is an honorary MG and Woolie...and more importantly...she is the DeeDee (grandmother) of Celine, who is my grandson Wyatt's betrothed.  So what they aren't even 1 yrs old yet...matchmaking is a time honored tradition!  Next on the agenda was to ride Robin's newly purchased scooter!!!!!!!!!!! home from the dealership! Yes, we are going to be a scooter gang!  In between all this was homework!

Robin said that I had better get my homework done and that her's had been done for a week!  There is always a goodie two shoes who always gets their homework done when it is assigned...not like me who was always cramming the night before.  Since my sister and her friends were going to be here through quilt week and I wouldn't have time to cram the night before...I decided to get ready.

I opened my kit...boy, do I love wool.  The reason I signed up for this class is my desire to learn all the specialty stitches & embellishments that Sue Spargo is known for.  I did read the entire instructions and following my own drummer was NOT going to applique my pieces down...but fuse them...yes, I am that kind of student.  My parents spent many hours talking with my teachers*. 

I drew 42 little circles on my Steam a Seam lite 2 and fused them to the wool squares provided.  Sue gave us 2 extra so we could have a little flexibility with the colors.

Then I started to cut them out not peeling the backing backing off yet.  My absolute favorite scissors are by Olfa and they cut through wool like butter!

I finished up the day with dinner out with my girl gang and then a movie with HH...when my head hit the pillow I was out like a light!

Today I am going to finish up the cutting and fuse them to the background!  Look at me...I have my homework done 5 days ahead of time!

*it wasn't my fault that my parents had to spend so much time with my public school I spent a lot of time with tape on my mouth.  They finally decided I needed more structure and put me in a Catholic School with a big nun named Sister Theodosha...who looked at us like a pagan family and converted us all!


  1. good for you! and I too would fuse them down!

  2. Fusing is nice when you have a lot of small pieces. Usually I just pin mine as I go, since being perfectly aligned is not what I do when I work with wool;)


  3. Hi Anna, I miss Quilt Week and the MG's! Especially this time of year. Have you tried fusible thread? Love it for wool (or cotton) applique. No wrinkles or stiffness. Just lay a line of it down and iron. I use freezer paper to cut out patterns... 8>)

  4. Pagan folk are not all bad...Ask those of us who dwell amongst the firs, cedars,oaks and pines. Life over here in the valley is filled with nature's wonders, as is the other side of the Cascades. That's why we all live here, right?

  5. But just think if your parents hadn't put you in Catholic school, we would have never met! :-) Congratulations on all your new you know when I joined your blog I was (I think) #275. You have 101 more members to your blog in less than a year! Have fun this weekend...Love, Colleen

  6. That is going to be so cute, you will have to be sure and show it when done. Ps during quilt show week on the 13th tumalo art gallery is having a quilt show slash open house all day with music and snacks, sounds like it is going to be tons o fun, I understand there will be arts doing demos also.

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  8. Sorry was suppose to say artists doing demos

  9. Can't wait to see your progress on this! Looks like fun (and I would have fused mine down as well)! parents pulled me OUT of Catholic school after third grade because they got tired of having to pick me up when I had to frequently stay after school writing "I will not talk during prayers" or "I will not talk in class" over and over. :-)