Thursday, July 19, 2012

Catching Up On The News

Yesterday was spent thinking.  Reflecting about the visit from my sister, thinking about my youngest son's wedding next month and playing with Robin.  No sewing, not one stitch...but I did dream about it! lol    The photo below shows my sis, BIL and her friend Victoria helping me make fans for my youngest son's wedding.  We have their toddler photos on one side and the wedding party info.   on the other. Their wedding is going to be mid August and outdoors...and I thought fans would be the best bet.  It was great having the help and at the same time talking and laughing. Any time I sit down I cut fans! lol

Well!!!  here it is...a photo of Robin and her new scooter.  She has yet to confirm a name...but I hears Buggsie is in the running.  We road our scooters to do some shopping...then to lunch (Baldy's BBQ just opened in the Forum), and ended up at the movie Moonlight Kingdom.  The movie was quirky, funny, touching and definitely not for everyone.

Can you believe her helmet!  It is absolutely beautiful...but, I do think her scooter needs some flowers!  Parked next to "Patty" it screams decorate me!!!

This Friday begins a short Fabric Stalker weekend at Quiet River.  I have not felt the excitement as yet...think I must still be I did start thinking about what I might want to bring and work on.  Weird how difficult it is to get my brain to focus on actually working on projects rather than  looking at other people's projects.  What has helped was reading other people's blogs and seeing what they are working on!  I got my answer after reading the Yellow Farm House blog!  They had a little retreat and only one person got their sewing machine out...the rest of them did prep or hand work!  I actually felt inspired!  My plan is to prep my Primitive Gatherings BOW!!!!  Ahhhh, then I can relax!

have a great Thursday!


  1. The fans are a cute idea, I still need to make a pillow and make it now, lol. I am thinking, need to get up and do something, but still thinking about it, lol.


  2. Glad I could help ya with what to bring lol - seriously it's easy to do prep work which can be boring when your surrounded by fun people. Makes that job much eaiser. Great idea with the fans - heck I could use one everyday for those warm flushes lol. Have a wonderful time and remember it's a retreat - so naps or as hubby calls them a quick blink - I think are required :). Take care and rest up

    Hugs - Karen