Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Determination...

It has been determined that there are several of us have a issue with BOM and BOW's.  We have decided to that we need a intervention meeting once a month in order to at least make headway on the overwhelming number of BOM's and BOW's.  For those willing to  participate via the blog I will post what day we will be working on our projects and then you can send me photos of what you are working on or have completed block wise.  I don't know any other way to get mine done but to have a sponsor who accepts me and acknowledges that I have an issue! 

We woke to the sounds of Balloon's Over Bend...what a beautiful way to start the day!

Here is a little slide show showing what we have accomplished in this heat!!!  Thank you Karen for the inspiration to prep, prep, prep...and now I think other Fabric Stalkers will be following suit! 

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  1. Love the block of the week! I got up bright and early-5:45 and headed down to watch the balloons...had maybe 30 pics on my memory card when I got an error on my camera....everything, baseball, birthday...ugh!!!! and I had not down loaded anything....oh took the card out and got 16 pics of the just cant find where I down loaded them to this laptop! LOL

    Looks like you all had a productive weekend.


  2. How fun to see the balloons! I love everyone's projects! :-)

  3. I's all in the prep...or did you say pep...?? Either way you need both!! Lots of good things being created in your little corner of the world!

  4. Pretty balloons! Lovely projects...Where is "Quiet River" located? Good thing I can't afford a BOM or BOW!

    1. Hi Jennifer, I couldn't respond to your question by email because you are a no reply blogger. I would love to email back and forth with questions if you could change it. Quiet River is located in Bend on the river behind the Riverhouse and Shilo Inn. I can't afford the BOM or BOW's either but that doesn't stop me! lol

  5. Anna, I also am doing PG's BOW, have completed 5 blocks, but now am falling behind--:-( Love the freebi'es that go with them.

  6. I think everyone is doing a wonderful job on their BOM's, lots of nice wool appliqués. I love the one you are doing, that is gorgeous.


  7. Great job to everyone for their show and tell.

    I've got to get going on the BOW, I don't like using the steam a seam method, they look to flat to my liking.

    Love the finished top for the freebie from PG, check out Lisa's personal blog today.

  8. YAHOOOOOOO Anna you did it - that's great and congrats on it. Hmmmmm I might join in your get-r-dun group - cuz I'm like you I've got lots and I'm so tempted right now by another one I want to slap myself lol. I know I NEED intervention lol. Love the hot air balloon - so pretty and peaceful looking. BTW loved the show and tell :)

    Hugs - Karen