Saturday, June 9, 2012

Visiting History

My flight down was smooth and comfortable. Visiting one's history is comfortable, you recognize the sounds, smells and sites. This scene totally cracked me up. An entire tour group of Chinese tourist trying to check off, jackets off, electronics in the bucket...Yada, Yada, Yada...

This guy knew it was going to take a while before he would get to go through!

Carmel is filled with wonderful shopping, food...and the best part for me...the sun was out!

I loved those quail plates...and the bunnies were adorable! The only bad thing was the price!

The sweets...OMG! I had to have a biscotti because the make them perfectly.

Look at these sunbathers...and they were even in swim suits!

The Monterey Bay is in my opinion one of the wonders of the earth. So beautiful & yet powerful.

When I was a kid these swan boats were in the inlet of lovers point and you could rent them.

We stop by my parents final resting place. What a wonderful place for them. The bay is right behind me on the other side of that rise. 2 souls in love with the sea...what better place!

Tomorrow I head to Santa Cruz and the back to San Francisco!

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