Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Yesterday was sweet on so many levels!  I finished my June UFO!!!  Thank you very much (said in an Elvis voice).  I wanted to give a "former" (love saying that)  co-worker and friend a thank you gift for the lovely retirement party she put together downtown.  I picked out a table runner and quilted it yesterday.  I have not "quilted" in months and it was sooooo much fun! We are meeting for breakfast this morning and I will be baring a table runner! lol

The MG's is always and I mean always stimulating! Not only because it is a bunch of quilters from all over the county but it is so much more than quilting.  Jokes, laughter, stories, family updates, opinions, opinions, and more opinions. lol  The highlight of the day for me was not only seeing our honorary member Diane from Texas but getting a close up look at the bling Linda will be wearing at her son's wedding!  You might remember the slideshow of Linda's place, if not click on her name link.  The wedding will be held at the family home...how lucky are the bride and groom!  Yesterday Linda was showing the belt she will be sporting...talk about bling!  All those Swarovski crystals just made my heart sing!  Wish I was as skinny as her I would borrow it for my son's wedding!!!

Enjoy the slide show and your Tuesday!  As for me I hit the door running at 0730 and will be home later tonight!  Woolie follower Jenny asked if I ever stay home...not today! lol

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  1. Wonderful quilt show, think I liked the seagull piece, nice use of colors.


  2. Your photos are great Anna, thanks for sharing the bounty of this talented group.

  3. There are fabulous projects.Your runner is spectacular,love!!

  4. I particularly love that one MG quilt that was a landscape with the orange sky. It was gorgeous!!

  5. Congrats on finishing your quilt! Funny story on blingy belts...my youngest is a tomboy and her first girls thing was one of these uber blingy belts! LOL...sport T-shirt, baseball cap or ponytail and blingy belt...everyday for a year! Now she has moved up to blingy jeans with her blingy belt, lost the cap and wears cute shirts too! She's growing up! Check out my recent blog post to see her latest cap she made! Have a great day!

  6. Love the square dance quilt! Is square dancing big in Bend? I met my husband at a Spares & Pairs Square Dance Club and we had a square dance wedding!