Sunday, June 10, 2012

Remembering Grandpa Ernie

It was a lovely day to remember a lovely man. Yesterday my sister and I headed to Santa Cruz to remember my mom's best friend and companion for the last 30+ years of her life. She was such a young widow at 48 yrs of age and he had already lost 2 wives. The mothers of his children. He was the only grandfather my children ever knew. When she passed in September he left in December not to step one day into a new year without her. In all the years I knew him, I never heard him raise his voice or utter a single curse. As mom alway said a true gentle man.

We started the day in is my sis at breakfast.

I made this quilt for Ernie's 80th birthday...a perfect quilt for a sailor! I am so happy it is safe and sound with his daughter Lynn! He lived a full life and left this world at 96 yrs of age. The memorial was so touching and it was wonderful to be with family. After catching up, lots of hugs...sis and I headed to San Francisco.

...and stopped at a Korean grocery store...yummy!

Look at that Kimchee!

Beautiful colors of Pashmina scarfs...I bought a beautiful brown one.

And I couldn't leave without having a leeche bubble tea, which is as tasty as it is fun to drink.

With a peek of the city I fly the friendly skies back home to HH & Enzo today...see you tomorrow in Bend!

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  1. Isn't it wonderful that your mom found Ernie and that they had each other till the very end!! A lovely love story!! And so wonderful for you and your kids! He is going to be missed!

  2. I love your quilt. Wonderful way to remember Ernie too.

  3. I think in some cases, the saying two souls become one is so true, just can't live without the other. The quilt is a beautiful piece for him and so nice that his daughter can have it to remember him by.


  4. Some angels walk the earth every day. I believe Earnie must have been one of them.
    A lovely memory.

  5. How wonderful that your mom and Ernie found each other.