Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Quilting and Brewing

I know I have been touting the amazing good fortune of living in the Quilting Vortex of the world but now it is official!  We are also the Brew Capital of the world.  Being the home of one of the most popular micro brews gone mega brew, Deschutes Brewery we now have dozens of smaller microbrews.  It is so popular that today our front page announced  the local college is researching the need to add course study in brewing.  Not only to provide degrees for potential brew masters but a continued workforce to support the local breweries!  I am whispering when I say that neither HH or myself are beer drinkers....shssssh.  He thinks the beer drinkers outnumber the quilters!  The more popular microbrews also have pubs attached to them and serve pub food and thus in the true tradition of Bend we have Brew Festivals (any day now we will most likely also have a Brew Parade! lol)

Yesterday the MG's (material girls) gathered at the Deschutes Historical Museum for their weekly quilting bee.  It is always filled with "discussion", laughter, stories of families and the latest projects.  Enjoy a little show 'n tell!

This applique project was created by Bev 18 years ago!  She is still the applique Queen!

Anne finished stitching her latest wool and embroidery project!  I have this project somewhere in the sewing room and am now inspired to get it out and finish it before Christmas!  The pattern is pictured below for those of you that are also moved to add another to your list of must do's!

And take a look at this stunner!!!!  Isabella just finished her hooked rug!  Absolutely beautiful...and...it makes me want to have one!  Do you hear that distinction...have one...not...make one! lol

Have a wonderful Tuesday!
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