Friday, June 1, 2012

Parteeeea! (Give Away Countdown)

The first day of a new life was busy, reflective and joyful.  Enzo was so happy.  HH was happy too until I greeted him at the door on his lunch break with a list of things we needed to do!  He looked at me and said, "Don't you have a hobby or something?! LOL"  Retirement is a new chapter, much like when your kids started school and you stood in the house saying, "now what." or when they left for college or got, now what?! fill the space of "Now What?"  I have enjoyed reading the comments on the Give Away post and it is encouraging that many of you are enjoying this phase of your lives and also how many more are desiring the "now what?" stage.  I told my co-workers last night that I would not fail them (we have in recent years had "failed retirement" in our ranks.) If I have to go back to work they will see me leaning out the window of a coffee hut, pushing those sagging boobies into a cleavage position (more tips that way) and asking..."was that a skinny latte?"  

The slide show may not be of interest since it is mostly people you may not know but it's a party which I wanted to remember.  If you by chance are visiting or actually live here and need surgery or are having a baby you may run into some of these fabulous nurses...but I suspect, not for long...I have pushed the door open to a new world and I think some will follow me! lol  A special thank you to Ingre who organized such a heart warming event. 

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One of the things I did on my first day was make my BJ's Block of the Month which is this Saturday...hey look!!!  I am not having to rush and construct it the morning of the meeting!!!!  Ahhhh, I am relaxed all ready!


  1. Anna, love your star block. I'm not usually drawn to the star blocks, but this one I'm liking a LOT!
    Enjoy day two!

  2. Enjoy your retirement and remember you don't have to do something every minute of the day. I love this quote "If time doing nothing is enjoyed - it is not wasted"! Enjoy!!

  3. Linda essa combinação de verdes.Vá com calma e devagar em suas coisas,faça somente o que você ama fazer,a obrigação atrapalha a criatividade.Beijos.

  4. Congrats! Now it's time to REALLY party! I'm looking forward to it.

  5. Congratulations! It looks like you all had a good time and great food and drink.

    Enjoy your new future and keep on being creative and positive!

    All the best to one of the best!

  6. Look at are so loved by all those friends!!!! Where did you eat? Enjoy your retirement Anna! Hope to see you next month.

  7. Da sista in dis sistahood will be missed it's obvious!Rock on!!!

  8. When I retired from the classroom I started wondering how I had gotten everything done when I was still teaching. There was so much to do! And I'm not talking about housework and "must do" stuff. You'll be so busy that you can't fail at retirement! Enjoy.
    -ginger from Virginia

  9. What a wonderful send-off and retirement party with amazing friends - I'm sure you will be greatly missed at work, but is nice that you will have continued friendships! I'm so happy for you and this new chapter of your life - lots of exciting things ahead!
    Marla in Virginia

  10. Your smile says it all. :) Congratulations on the next phase!

  11. The party looks like a fabulous one! There are no such things as "failed retirements"! When you retire and start working again, it's usually because you found new excitement in doing something different that you never dared to try before.

    Otherwise, it brings to mind a quote (sorry, but I can't remember the source) that my SIL passed along to me a few months ago because she liked it. "What would you do if you were not afraid? Walk into the middle of it head on." Retirement is so full of promise and new possibilities, and we just need to walk into the middle of it and revel in it. Soon enough, if you are getting out there and doing things, you will find your way to something that will make you feel like there aren't enough hours to the day!