Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh My Aching Back

Well I played it close to home yesterday...because of my aching back!  The trip a couple of weeks ago to SF resulted in a flare up of an old back injury.  I was babying it along...especially while in Disneyland.  It was really starting to get better until yesterday when a bout of stretching exercises cause a flare up of epic proportions!  A trip to the clinic resulted in instructions of things to do until my appointment with the doctor on Monday.  #1, ice it!  and take some Motrin.

HH came home for lunch and gave me the appropriate amount of sympathy and told me he would cook dinner if I would defrost something.  Hummm, quilters are used to figuring out short I decided to use the frozen chicken as an ice pack! LOL

Put the frozen chicken in the freezer bag and then wrapped it in a towel bag.  It was perfect and almost defrosted by the time HH got home!

I have been trying something new with this wool project.  Instead of a blanket stitch or whip stitch I have been trying out some embroidery stitches and it has been fun and adds some interesting texture to the project!  I am becoming a brave woolie...just in time for the Quilter's Affair and my Sue Spargo class!

I'm hoping my back feels up to some quilting today because I can hear my room calling my name!


  1. I like the colours you chose for you woolie block. Have some fun with the crazy quilting stitches. I purchased several books awhile ago and it is fun to experiment with how the different books explain how to do the same stitch.

    Take it easy with your back!

  2. I laughed and laughed when I read about you thawing the chicken with your back! You know the saying- when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And about getting to your quilting- where there is a will there is a way. If sitting at your machine hurts, you can stand and cut out. If standing hurts you can walk by pacing and decide things by looking at your design wall. If that hurts, lie in the bath tub and read a quilt magazine or watch a quilt video if that is accessible. As a last resort, take some pain killers, knock yourself out and dream about your next project.

  3. #1 Care of back
    #2 Everything else!

  4. That is one way to do it, lol.
    I really notice that bending over my table kills my back, so try to break that up with moving around the room. I am finally feeling better today, think I picked up something last week, so resting and hand stitching.


  5. Ouch! I hope your back is better soon! Creative ice pack solves dinner dilema... good one! Your stitches look great on the applique. I've had thoughts of trying the same... as button hole is both time consuming and can be a bit boring to look at all the time.

  6. I hope you are feeling better soon. And I love your woolie project.

  7. Next to childbirth, back pain is the worse!! (Gawd I sound old...well I guess I AM!! Geeze....) Take it easy and let hubby wait on you hand and foot...after all, that is why you married him!! :o)
    Loving your wool project!!

  8. Owie! I hope that your back feels better very soon. Yes, we quilters are VERY resourceful! About 30 years ago our freezer was too small for ice AND food, so when my DD got a big knot on her forehead from some horseplay, I wrapped a package of frozen peas in a dishtowel for an icepack. It works great because the peas shift to conform to the spot where it's needed...sort of like a rice bag. lol

  9. Very clever use of stitches on the wool. It looks charming!
    Hope your back heals up quick.

  10. Ouchie!!! I'm sorry you're hurting. :-(

    Ingenious way to thaw out the chicken but I'm really glad you didn't have to sit on it. LOL

  11. Hope your back gets better quickly! You will love learning embroidery stitches from Sue Spargo. She was here a year or so ago to teach at our guild...I got to host her for dinner in my home...very sweet lady! Her quilts are so beautiful...even the plain leaves or circle quilts with stitch samples are stunning!