Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hummm What Should I Do Today???

My mind is racing...what do I want to do???  I decided to start trotting....yep, it is not a run, it is not even a is a trot.  It may be hard to believe but I have run a full marathon, a couple of half marathons and even more 5K's but over the last few years I have been packing on the  pounds and now there are no excuses about time.  At my retirement send-off one of my co-workers who is an ultra runner and was an encouraging force for my running the Portland Marathon gave me a retirement gift of running socks and running jellies...yep, I got the message.  Guess what...Enzo loves to run...the beast is released!  

I also made my salad jars...these are so wonderful and keep for a week!  Since I was creating havoc in the kitchen making a salad for our dinner I just filled the jars and now have a weeks worth ready to go.  I am all about the convenience but I like fresh whole foods. Salad jars = fast food! lol  

This product as been around for a while but yesterday I had a need to use it and was amazed all over again!  I am always trying to find ways to create more time by utilizing short cuts.  I wanted to wash this red fabric with this gold fabric but was worried about the color transferring.  Threw a couple of sheets of Dye Magnet in the wash.

Isn't that amazing!  The original sheet is on top and the two below are what came out of the wash! Fabric washed without any color transfer!

This morning I am heading over to BJ's Quilt Basket for the BOM!  That means show 'n tell tomorrow!  All the shops are getting spruced up and ready for the Quilter's Affair in July!

Oh man, I just re-read this post and do you feel what I feel?  Yep, retirement caused a little freedom in the brain space and my ADHD is in full swing...ideas are flowing out, I have a feeling the blog is going to hit hyper speed! lol  poor HH he does like to relax...NOT!  Enzo on the other hand is the perfect companion, I should have named him Sir ADHD (active dog hyper dog).


  1. Love the salad idea! Keep those ideas coming!
    Dye magnets are great...we are super lazy in this house and wash laundry with all colors mixed up now!! It's a super time saver!!

  2. OK...I'll bite. If trotting is not jogging, what exactly is it? And though running socks are relatively straight forward, what are jellies?? Are they those pretty new shoes?? Enzo has been counting the days on his little canine calendar, to when you were going to take him on a trot/run.

    So what is the white stuff at the bottom of the jars of salad? I see lettuce, cherry/grape tomatoes, green onion (I think) and kernels of corn. But I can't figure out the white stuff.

    Woolite dye magnet, huh? I've never heard of it before! I'm going to have to look for that in the local store! Have you ever tried those little balls that are supposed to do the same thing? (I can't remember the name of the product.)

  3. Good for you...walking is good too if you can't trot...I have been trying to "trot" but mostly walk with some jogging in there.

    love the shoes...what kind are those?

  4. I never could get into running. I like to jog in the pool though, easier on the joints. I can hike and bike all day, so that will do for me. Can't wait to see what wonderful creations your group does.


  5. Thanks for the salad jar idea. I've been using ziplock bags. Congratulations on your retirment and you return to running...I mean trotting. I can't wait to see your wonderful ideas that are brewing. Thanks for posting so often. I admire your dedication and I am inspired by your passion.

  6. Tell us more about the salad jar idea. I've never heard of it before. And it sounds like it would be right up my alley!

  7. I get excited just reading about your enthusiam on your retirement. Keep the ideas coming and let us poor working fools live thru your adventures. LOL

  8. Essa animação me causa,tenho que caminhar pelo menos três vezes por semana,vou uma quando muito.Acho que vou recomeçar com mais afinco segunda?ou terça?...Preguiça comovente...Beijos.