Sunday, June 3, 2012

Give Away:Last Day to Sign Up! & Slideshow

Today is the last day to sign up for the Retirement Celebration Give Away.  All you have to do is leave a comment on this POST! and be a registered follower of the Woolie Blog!  Monday morning the dog dish will cough up 5 winners!

I swear who would have thought that me...who kept my parents up my entire childhood would take a nap???  It seems since retirement I have taken an hour nap every day!!!  HH thinks that I have finally come to my senses...I on the other hand cannot understand why I am enjoying this pastime that I have avoided my entire life!  Oh well...why fight it...

Yesterday we had a guest at BJ's Quilt Basket June BOM class.  Clay, Robin's grandson!  He is such a cutie and so well behaved!  After class Robin, Clay, Irene and I headed to Starbucks for coffee and talks.  Clay had juice...grammy says no coffee.

I took some photos of the shop and show 'n tell that is always so inspiring! Enjoy!

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  1. Hay unas labores muy bonitas!1

  2. Adorei as fotos e me encantei com uns tecidos em marrom,lindos.Na minha região não tem estes encontros,algumas feiras e aulas,mas muito longe de mim,pena...Beijos.

  3. I always luv your smilebox slideshows. The red and white embroidery quilt jumped out at me you know the pattern name or the designer...I don't think I've seen it before. Have a great day!!

  4. My DH is a big believer in naps, while I usually only indulge in one if I'm sick. lol While I like how refreshed I feel after taking one, I hate to miss a minute of the day. lol He's planning to take them every day, rather than just weekends, when he retires.

    The Lumberyard ladies came to our guild a little over a year ago, and we enjoyed it so much that we're having them come and do the Lumberyard 2 class/presentation this fall. It's an amazing way to organize and use up your scraps, and if you use their methods, the scraps take up WAY less room to store too!

  5. just wanted to say congratulations on the retirement - and a good nap is always a good thing - tends to happen frequently around here lol and I'm loving it lol. Great slidewhow

    Hugs - Karen

  6. I love that you are relaxing and taking a nap or two! See time doing nothing is enjoyed and not wasted!! Thanks for the slide show - that new line of fabric - who's is it? Those little checks would perfect for my "Women of Glory" quilt. Yes Anna I have joined the real world again and I'm sewing. I'm even going to go on our summer retreat with my buds. Reese's quilt has about an hour to go and I'll be done. Yea!! Again happy retirement - enjoy!!

  7. I have a feeling it's "mental" exhaustion catching up with you!!!

  8. Love the opening blocks colors. Your body is just telling you that its time to decompress.

  9. I hate naps, I always feel worse when I wake up, lol.
    I usually go through tired period during the day so I get up and do something till it passes;) Wonderful quilt show, really like the bright green piece, fun colors.


  10. If you have a nap in the afternoon you get to stay up later in the evening...therefore you get to sew later! Works for me! Love all the show and tell...such talented ladies that you hang with!

  11. I love a nap. My Mom told me when you put the babies down for a nap you should have on also. Worked for me.
    I enjoyed the side show. Tha new fabric, black and white is smashing.