Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another Jibber Jabber Day!

What started out as a day where I would eventually make it into my sewing room turned into another busy day.  Started out cutting HH's hair...I have cut his hair since the day we were married almost 35 years ago.  I like cutting his hair.  I told him, "someday the haircuts might start to not look so good but, by then his eyesight would be such they he couldn't tell!" lol  He said...yeah but others will see it!  I said, "they'll be too polite to make a comment to 2 old people!"  Afterwards we attended a homeowners meeting in the community where we own a lot...boy was that ever interesting.  The meeting went a whole lot longer than we thought it would.  Busy, busy, busy...driving on the phone and computer...finally at 3:30 I approached my sewing room....ahhhhh.  It was a disaster but I loved just walking in and cleaning.

I hadn't been in my room for over 2 weeks! While having my morning coffee and reading Sweet P's blog she was listening to a John Grisham novel...this photo has what I found on my sewing table!  I love to listen to book on CD while playing in my sewing room.  During cleaning I put on the first disc of The Last Boyfriend by Nora Roberts.  I made it half way through one disc before way...I give a CD book a half a disc to capture me or I move on...for paper books I give it 5 chapters. Life's too short to waste on a book you can't get into.  

I also created this tower of project boxes...Huston, we may have a problem!  Oh well, I love all my projects and at least now it is somewhat organized.  But, I did realize that for now...I can not fit another project in this space.  Time to start chipping away at my project list.  I have it fairly organized and the best part...I cleaned all the lint out of my sewing machine, even took out the bobbin casing and cleaned!  Put in a new needle! and am now ready to start piecing...when ever I get the time! lol  I think tomorrow after I am done working on business stuff I am going to prep a bunch of wool projects!

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday and that it includes a little sewing is so good for the soul!


  1. Well I am definitely giving My Last Boyfriend the boot!! haha Love the pictures of your sewing I can picture you sitting there sewing...I say this in a GOOD way...not as a stalker! Geeze...But I do love looking at sewing rooms...looking for ways to get better organized! Your's looks bright and sunny and love the colour scheme! I also LOVE everything hanging on your design wall! I think that is the best thing that I have added to my sewing design wall. It helps to keep me focused on whatever it is I am currently working on...I tend to dabble here and there...go where ever the whim takes me...if you know what I mean!! Hence the many projects. I think we are birds of a feather...haha

  2. Retirement --- Have you begun to wonder yet how you got everything done when you were working full time?

  3. Remember BJ's BOM is next Saturday. I can't tell by looking at the stack of project boxes if it's done or not. I can't wait to see you then!

  4. Now that you are retired you will be busier then ever! I agree with Ginger - how did I work and do all this other stuff too. I think it must be that "well I always have tomorrow" thought in your head. I also like to go in my sewing room and clean up - I can find all kinds of things I want/could/should/will do! Enjoy the day.

  5. I love the pics of your sewing room! I love the snow family embroidered quilt. One of my friends did it in red and also in blue, and now is working on it in another color. It's one of my WIP' red, though now I wish that I'd started it in blue.

    I can't listen to books while I'm sewing, as I start paying too much attention to the story and not enough on my stitches. lol But I tend to give books a lot longer to hook me in, as I've found some that took nearly half the book that were worth reading. One of my teachers growing up always told us that to fully appreciate a really good book, you must read some real stinkers. lol I think that holds true for many things in life, including books.

  6. Love your aqua sewing room charming. Wish I was as organized as you when it comes to "project boxes"! I just have piles of projects here and there in my shelves with doors...I wrap the parts in one of the larger fabrics and then seem to miss it when looking on the shelves...I will have to try your "project box" idea! I like it!

  7. I am ready to get back into mine, way too much paddling today, so a few raining days and I will be sewing and catching up, I need a rest, lol.


  8. I love your Jibber Jabber and your sewing room. Hope you'll share more soon.