Friday, June 8, 2012

Ahhhh, So This Is What....

Retirements about!  I know you all of tired of hearing me but give me a break....I am only starting week 2 and I keep learning stuff about this phase of life.  So, I get a text from Robin asking what I'm doing today...hummm...nothing important, running a few errands, taking care of business... she says the DVD you've been waiting for arrived!  Wanna come watch it?  For Shizzel!!!  There is a spontaneity that exists in retirement.  I found this PBS series on Netflix called This Emotional Life but the 1st disc was not on instant play you had to send for it...and the series is well worth watching!  Besides, going to Robin's house is like an adventure!  Always something to look at! 

The boys settled down...for a little while as we watched while we stitched!  Love this kind of fun!

Look at Robin's living room filled with warmth and feels like the jungles of South America!

I know I have showed this quilt before but I just love it!  Someday I am going to make one of these!

...and there is designing going on in here!  By next week we will post the June Free Ornament of the month.  It is so adorable and all she had left to do is write the instructions.

By the time you read this I will be in San Francisco!  I get to see my sister and we are heading down to Carmel for a meeting...what a lousy place for a meeting!  LOL

Happy Birthday mom


  1. Love her home, it is warm and inviting and lots of wonderful art.


  2. I really appreciate the video of your mom enjoying life. Brought tears to my eyes.
    I am jealous of you in Carmel, one of my very favorite places!

  3. After I dry my eyes I'll be joining you in Carmel...just kidding, but it would be nice!

  4. Ahh Anna - retirement is just the bomb, as my grandchildren would say. :) Holidays can be a bit hard I know but we never forget....and never stop missing them. blessings, marlene