Monday, May 21, 2012

Sweet Memories

You know how after a really sweet day the feelings still lingers in your memory and a smile creeps upon your face every so often.  That is how it has been for me since going to Tater Patch.  It is not the "booty that was captured" but the friendship that was shared.  It was the spontaneous decision to do something out of the ordinary with people you care about.  I highly recommend experiencing the spontaneity of being together and doing something different.  Don't let that inner voice creep into your thoughts of the have too's, should's and can'ts.  Just Do It!

Every day this past week while writing this blog I have had a visitor.  This little guy comes and pecks on the if to say...stop writing, come out and play!  Funny little guy!

Here is the booty, captured at Tater Patch !  I brought home 3 packets of wool, a fat quarter pack of Ola la by Bunny Hill in grey, a panel of quilt labels, a piece of cheddar colored fabric (always hard to find that perfect cheddar color) and a piece of red Americana star fabric.  I put a dent in my quilt budget and what I realized on this shopping spree (Anne my 12 step quilt group leader was at market) is that the price of quilt products has really gone up!!!!  Holy Moly!

I just had to share this flower with you!  Isn't this Peony amazing!  Yesterday while shopping for groceries I just had to treat myself to some fresh cut flowers.  I don't have much of a green thumb but I do love fresh flowers in the house!

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!


  1. And here I thought the Tater Patch was a know serving hash browns and fries, scalloped potatoes and mashed...hmmm...suddenly I'm craving some yam fries!! Anyways..."SCORE"!! And that will teach Anne to be away at Market!! You got some lovely loot there!! (I'm sure Anne will come home from Market with nothing...ahh...who are we kidding...she will have her bags full..jiggity, jig..and clicking her heels to boot!) You done good...and the shop looks delicious!!

    1. actually Jane had hash browns for lunch at the local diner! I can't wait to see what Anne has brought home!

  2. I love those wools, especially the dark textures.
    I almost didn't go out yesterday, but said what the heck and went and so glad I did. Really improved my mood and even though I am sore as heck today, it was just what I needed.


    1. I love the wools that have lots of texture! it seems like when I don't want to do something is when I need to do it the most!