Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hot Days ~ Cold Days

I think it's a peculiar thing that in the middle of winter I am dreaming of hot days and working on projects that reflect that...then comes the hot days and I am thinking about winter projects! lol  My quilting personality is definitely  one of the layers of my onion.  It has been gorgeous...I mean 80's and we do not have humidity being in the high desert.  Last night we sat out on the deck enjoying the evening while catching up on the chill.  I opened the deck gate and in between the golfers I chucked a tennis ball out to the middle of the green.  Enzo flies down the path, leaping over obstacles just like a deer.  Scoops it up and back up on the deck ready to go over and over and over again.

You'll remember that earlier this week I talked about prepping a wool project.   Cold Days designed by Primitive Pieces by Lynda.  It was featured in Primitive Quilts and Projects in their summer 2011 issue and I have wanted to make it ever since!

Of course I had to change the design a little bit because after all we added at new member to the family, baby Wyatt!  So I added a little guy snowman to the table runner.

Since the background was one of those loose floppy pieces of wool tweed I backed it with a light weight cloth fusible interfacing which was a tip I got from Karen of My Yellow Farmhouse Blog.  She is having fun with Anne of Cottons 'n Wool Blog at Quilt Market.  Anne is the leader of my 12 step Quilting Addiction Group and since she left yesterday for Kansas City I ordered a BOM  ((sigh)) which is all Kim's fault of Kim's Big Quilting Adventure Blog who is blaming it on Mary!  I don't even know Mary but according to Kim she might pay for my far no one has sent me their credit card number!

I am off to work today so no stitching but I am happy with what I accomplished so far this about you?
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