Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Brain Real Estate, Will Consider All Offers!

Although we are almost half way through the year I have come up with a new idea!  Never to be one who can't create new chaos and demands in my life I woke up with this idea a couple of weeks ago and started mulling it around in my mind....hummm.

I have a little used piece of brain real estate that is not being used currently.  The part my mom used to occupy.  I miss my mom...but, in reality she occupied a good portion of my brain real estate with her expectations and judgement.  Now, I get to embrace the great parts of our life together and leave the not so great parts behind. Which means there is some space that I can fill with something fun!  

My idea is (drum roll please) for the next year starting today I am going to limit my gift giving to items I have made myself!  Can it be done?  Least you think I won't be stimulating the economy by this adventure...not to worry!  I'll need supplies!  I am going to post on the sidebar each month my attempts at gift making! I realize that this is NOT a novel idea and many of you (Corney...I'm talkin' bout you) already are doing this...but it is novel to me.

I made this sweet pin cushion by Primitive Gatherings as a gift for a friend to celebrate her retirement.  She loved it and I equally felt good.  I loved that I had taken the time to make something I knew she would love.  The challenge for me is not procrastinating till the last minute!

Here is a question for you...are your parents talking at you and taking up "mind" real estate? The thing about parents (and, I am one) is, we can take up real estate even if we have gone to the quilt shop in the sky!  Secondly, if you could possibly give up that conversation what would you do with that time?  You can post a comment or just consider it privately.

...and to get this stated, here is my gift too you...I started collecting gift ideas on my "Gift Ideas" Pinterest site, just in case you want some inspiration!
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