Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And The Winners Are...!!! + Go Go Go!!!

First things first, with the help of Mr. Random the dog dish coughed up...the Winners of Enzo's Birthday Give Away! Michelle May for the cute animal panel and Arlette for the quilting book.  Please send me your mailing address and thank you to everyone for joining in and sending such wonderful birthday wishes to Enzo.  He had a grand day!

I was lucky enough to stumble upon some Go cutters being auctioned on Ebay.  It looked to me like the business Fabric Hut sells their products regularly on Ebay.  The price was good, I bid and won.  I LIKE winning!  They were punctual in mailing out their product.  Our UPS delivery is usually around 5-6 PM and the delivery guy just drops, rings the bell and is gone before we get to the door...I have never actually seen the UPS guy.  What I want to know is...what goes on in the UPS truck.  My package was covered in black grit!

I mean I actually had to wipe the package down before opening and I had to scrub my hands!

But look at these cutters!  Am I gonna have fun or what!!!

Monday was one of those perfectly synchronous days.  The street lights all turned green on command, the weather was beautiful and I didn't have to stand in line once!  The other sweet thing was I got sewing time!  I mean a nice amount of sewing time!  I finished the top of my BOW Summer Stars 2011 from Primitive Gatherings!  I pieced the backing and made the binding!!!  In between life's demands I even got to prep a new wool project...ahhhh.  I hope today provides more sewing time!
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