Friday, April 13, 2012

Sunriver Retreat 2012

The Sunriver Retreat took off in Fabric Stalkers tradition...once we arrived, set up our machines...but before we took off our bras and put on our pj's...we went quilt shopping! After all, the quilt shop in La Pine is only about 20 minutes away! The effects of the fabric diet were still apparent for me. I didn't purchase any fabric, as in cotton...but did buy 4 squares of wool and 2 spools of thread.

The slideshow will have to wait till I get back home. In the meantime take a look at the latest addition to the Flipping Bird Challenge. We are on the last step!!

It is a quieter retreat as we are missing 3 members, life gets in the way...dang but there is conversation about the next retreat! Yesterday, I got the wool stitched on 3 of the Tisket a Tasket blocks! Pat on the back!!!

Back to stitching...have a great Friday.

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  1. Anna, I need to meet you. I have a house in Suniver! Can you email me? Check out my block:

  2. It looks like everyone is busy quilting, beautiful pieces.


  3. So proud of you for sticking to the "diet"! See? it's not so hard, huh?

  4. "Joy to the World" is hum-dinger. Is there a patter for it or did your friend design it herself? Luv, luv, luv it!!!

  5. The quilts look great. Agreed with Anne, see the fabric diet is not so bad! LOL
    Have fun.