Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Studs & Wool!

There is a twice yearly ritual that is part of living on this side of the mountain...winter tire rotation.  You had to have your studs off by yesterday and so I thought that since it was the day after there wouldn't be a line!  NOT!  I was in the company of a lot of stud criminals!  After a 2 hour wait I gave up and called HH to see if he would come get me and take me home.  A half hour after arriving home I got a call that in fact they couldn't change my tires because 2 of them were no good!!!  I have lived here a long time and I trust the Les Schwab tire guys and when they need new tires...I need new tires.  So $600+ later I now have my rest of the year tires.

With the morning shot I still had some fun times ahead because it was the bi-monthly gathering of the Woolies at QuiltWorks.  Laughter is the best medicine and there was a belly full! lol  Enjoy the slide show...wish you could have been there!

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  1. Aaaaack! That's an awful surprise, but at least you know that you are safe on the road, and that's what counts!

    Love the woolie projects...

  2. Wow!! You hang with some incredible quilters!! Yowzers!!

  3. You've inspired me for the day! :-)

    And I trust my Les Schwab, too. Bless their hearts, they work like troopers and always have a smile on their faces when they come running to see what I need.

  4. To think that you were going to talk about some hunk of a man, not tires--lol! Love your woolie club gals, they sure produce wonderful stuff.

  5. I have made the one with hearts and flowers, a whimsical design. Love the projects, and seeing who makes the patterns, like I need more temptation, lol.


  6. When I first read your headline about studs I was thinking of the male variety...WRONG! Had to smile about that one... :0)