Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday the Sweetest Day of the Week!

I'll tell you up front that today's blog doesn't have a thing to do with quilting...but it does have to do with the interwoven fabric of my life.  My youngest grandson is changing...and by changing I mean second to second changing...I just saw him a week ago and already he is morphing into a personality...((sigh))  I am soooo in love.  He cracks me up!!!!!

There was fun stuff going on in the quilting world yesterday but I have to say...when I have choice of quilting in one hand and family in the other...I choose family.  But, I promise to head over to QuiltWorks today and take photos of the Novel Idea Quilts and share them with you tomorrow.

Robin's son who is in the Navy got married!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't tell you how happy HH & I feel knowing that our little Chapin got married....god, how time flies!  His wife is also in the Navy and they will be apart for the next year as he was transferred back east and she is heading to Mississippi.  But in the meantime we celebrate the  commitment of these two individuals, not only to our country but to each other!  Aren't they the cutest!

We celebrated at our favorite place, El Caporal with margaritas and fresh guacamole!!!

have a great Saturday and we'll be back to quilting on Sunday's post! lol  

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  1. A post filled with very cute people! What a cutiepie that little guy is! Congratulations to the happy couple. Separated by assignment for the first year of marriage, and they still tied the knot! They are very much in love, from what I can see. Quilts are marvelous, but I choose people every time too! You made a great choice.