Sunday, April 8, 2012

Missing Person...Where The Heck Is Robin???

Irene and I showed up to 1st Saturday at BJ's Quilt Basket and sat in the back row...where we always sit...the 3 of us...but where was Robin???

She was at home...skipping class!  Remember yesterday I told you that her son the Navy man was in town for the weekend.  Well, the other thing I didn't tell you was he is a heavy equipment operator for the Navy.  So while he was visiting Robin rented a "little" bobcat so her son could dig up her yard!  Carry a baby for 9 months, breast feed and show up to parent-teacher conference has to have a pay off, some time...and that day was this weekend! lol

...and move this big pile of gravel that has been hanging around her house was a way to show how much he appreciated those first 9 months and every year after!

After 1st Saturday Irene and I had a enjoyable coffee break, catching up on life.  This is actually my favorite part of 1st Saturday BOM...the coffee date all have our needs and girlfriend time ranks pretty high for me!  After I came home I took Enzo for a walk and  then finished my pincushion!  Isn't it cute!

Enjoy the slide show...there is a lot of inspiration and a little of the wandering eye on my and hope you all have a wonderful Easter filled with chocolate covered peeps!

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  1. What beautiful things your 1st Sat group turns out. Sounds like a fun group. Love your pincushion, I recognize the pattern--sure I have it------who's it by and is it in a book or pattern form so I can go 'hunting' for it.

  2. I love that pincushion, when you get tired of it, you can send it to me, lol. I have some that I make once and that is all, so we should swap ones we have made.


  3. Thanks for the slide show, Anna! Loved the picture of you and the Lindsey bag! You did a great job on the pincushion - I have the kit for it, but will need some help for sure!

    Have a great week!