Friday, April 6, 2012

A Lindsey Designer Bag

In 2011 at one of the Fabric Stalker Retreats I watched Lindsey create, sew and assemble the Professionals Tote.  She also taught some classes on the construction of the Tote at BJ's Quilt Basket.  I knew I wanted one in a big way!  But there was NO WAY, NO HOW as in H- E- double hockey sticks NO, was I going to make one.  After watching Lindsey I had first hand knowledge of what it took to make!  So, I did the next best thing...told her I would buy one from her if she made it!!!  She is the bag Queen and can construction any purse or bag out made total sense that I should be a customer!  I purchased some fabric that gave her and idea of what look I wanted in the final cool is that...I have an original!

Since starting the creation she relocated to Nebraska.  Which meant I would get photo updates on the creation.  When it arrived yesterday I almost had a stroke!!!  or rather I almost went Postal!!!  Look at the condition of the box!  Did they not know that there was a one and only Lindsey Designer Bag inside!!!

Isn't it beautiful!  The amazing thing is that I chose the print before I knew I would be going to France.   So powerful is the Law of Attraction!

There is strap to slip over your suitcase handle!

...and there are pockets galore, cellphone, Ipad, wallet, passport....amazing.

Each side has a cute drawstring pocket

The other side has a zippered pocket...I just love this classic!

Wow, I am blessed to be a friend of someone so creative...she has a graduate degree in Art History and is actually working in her field!  Not too many these days can say that!


  1. Awesome bag! I agree with you----there is NO way I'd make it either, gives me the shivers just thinking of all the mistakes I'd make. With all the room, pockets etc, it will fun to fill it up with goodies on your trip.

  2. Fabulous bag... Maybe Lindsey would want to supplement her income? Hmmm

  3. Fabulous!
    What a talented lady!

  4. OMGosh!! It's gorgeous!! PERFECT! And I'm with you, this looks like a difficult bag to make...?? I love it!!

  5. What a fantastic bag. I don't think I will put that on my list any time soon.

  6. I made that bag and yes it takes time to do it and one must read the instructions very carefully. I love mine and use it for quilting classes all the time.

  7. What a perfect bag to take on your tour of France - what a great friend too! I wouldn't have made it either - it's nice to have talented friends!

    Have a happy Easter, Anna!

  8. I really want to make some bags and totes, figure I will start with something simple or maybe I can get into one of the classes so I can make something more complicated.


  9. I, too, love the bag but it does look complicated to make. I've been putting mine over the suitcase/machine travel case by the straps of the purse for a long while. This special strap on the bag would make it much more secure. Great design! Lucky you!

  10. That bag looks fantastic!!!!! I love the Paris fabrics used.

    I do know how much it takes to make this bag, I have the outside part done and have stalled on the innards. It's almost painful to even look at it and consider finishing. Someday I will but not today!

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