Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 2 Sunriver Retreat

The retreat is in full swing! As you can see by the photo the quilter invasion is complete! Irene called the management to replace some burned out bulbs and they sent this poor guy.

Yesterday I had a relaxing kinda day. Working on my BOM's a little at a time. I have finished week 7 of the Primitive Gathering's Summer Stars BOW from 2011. I realized that I needed to give myself some "grace" my 2012 word of the year. I had signed up for 2 BOW's last summer but ended up taking care of mom. WOW...a lot happened last summer. Now I am catching up. There are 5 stars to make for each week...and I have 5 weeks worth to do...which means 25 stars. But as a cup half full person, that means I have made 35 stars!

I also finished the first 4 months of the wool appliqué on my Tisket a Tasket blocks. I'll do the embellishments when it is quilted. I really am glad I chose wool appliqué.

Today I plan on continuing with my stars and finish the wool appliqué on Harrington & Hannah. Block 4 gets posted tomorrow and I will be ready! Have a great Saturday

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  1. Looks to be a very productive weekend. I brought some hand sewing but have not done any..going to head out for a walk in a bit and enjoy the light dusting of snow and hopefully sunny skies!

  2. I think I need to hang out with all of you, I need some motivation, lol.


  3. It looks like there is lots being accomplished! Quite a set up you all have going on there!

  4. The tisket a tasket blocks are very go girl!

  5. Great start ot your weekend, remember to take some time and have some fun!


  6. Looking good! Moving right along.