Monday, April 9, 2012

BOM Meditation

This is block 12!!! of the Primitive Gatherings Penny Garden Block of the Month.  I totally recommend it you have never done a wool BOM to start with one from Primitive Gatherings.  You are guaranteed fabulous wool.  I prepped this block on Sunday to take with me on the Fabric Stalkers Sunriver Retreat 2012 which starts on still my tachycardic heart!  Although I will have all the block done I still have the joy of the wool appliqued border.

On Sat. while talking with Cakers, a Fabric Stalker and Woolie follower she mentioned something about making a list...of projects to be done by the month.  After our conversation I couldn't let go of the idea.  Why you ask?  Because it is already April and you know what that means...Primitive Gatherings may come up with another BOW (block of the week) starting in June!!!!!!

Although this is going to be a busy year for the Woolie (Me) and there are going to be many changes in my life...which always cause stress even when it is a good kind...I thought to myself, would it feel to be caught up month to month on the projects that fall into the BOM category.  When I made a list of those projects that fall into this category, I came up with 10!  If I spent a portion of one day on one BOM that is only 10 days out of the month...right??!!!  leaving 20-21 days to work on UFO's.  I am a freaking genius!  To start with I am going to make a check off list with the month at the top and the list of BOM's at the bottom and as I do them I will cross them off....oh the satisfaction of crossing off items on a list!  To get myself started on the right track I am only taking BOM projects to retreat so I can try and catch them up!  The ones that are from 2011 I will try and finish the blocks on retreat, the Bunny Hill ones, since neither were ever started I will make them 2012 BOM's and try to get 4 blocks done on each.  The 1st Sat. 2011 BOM is morphing into a totally different quilt...pheww...I got my work cut out for me...looks like I will be burning the midnight oil at retreat!

Here is the list!

1.) 1st Sat. Block of the Month 2012
2.) 1st Sat. Block of the Month 2011
3.) Stars and Sprigs (Homestead Hearth BOM 2011)
4.) House quilt (Anne/Sandy/Anna BOM 2012)
5.) Tisket a Tasket (Bunny Hill Free BOM from...humm 2009?)
6.) Snowbound (Bunny Hill Free BOM from....2010???)
7.) Summer Stars (BOW from Primitive Gathering 2011)
8.) Penny Garden (BOW from Primitive Gathering 2011)
9.) Civil War BOM 2011
10.) Harrington & Hannah (free BOM from Raspberry Rabbit 2012)

I feel better already!!!


  1. I think that a list is needed for me to keep on task. Some BOM date later than 2011--bad me. I just can't resist the something new. Have a grand time at your retreat and no regrets if nothing gets finished, as fun is most important.

  2. OMG! Are you kidding me?! Not only will you be burning the midnight oil, you will be burning the morning/afternoon/evening oil. What a list! I have not finished my list for the retreat. Will it be as extensive? We will need to wait and see.

  3. No lists for me, I never stick to them. I tend to work by the mood I am in, lol. Yesterday I was in the mood to do some work on my hexagons, but my fingers were not cooperating, so had to give up.


  4. lol! Yes... BOM's have a way of sneaking up on you! I have 4 BOM's... all from 2011 and they should last me until 2013... BUT, I keep finding MORE BOM's... lol! It's wonderful to be in such a predicament, no?

  5. El bloque es ,muy bonito.
    Me gusta tu organización
    Hago la lista y a veces la cumplo pero la mayor parte según el animo de hacer una labor u otra.


  6. Congratulations Anna,

    I've only gotten to block 3 of the BOW from Primitive Gatherings, had issues with my hands and wrists and put it away. I'm inspired to start again.

    Enjoy your retreat!

  7. My BOMs have gotten out of hand, too. I guess I need a list!

    I have been working on this same Primitive Gatherings BOW. Are you doing the borders? I've been working on mine for months now, and still not done! It took me about two hours per side just to iron on all the borders. I don't want to depress you, but if you're doing them, I'd allow a bit of time for that! My goal is to get the borders done by June 1 so I can start this year's BOW. Can't miss one, you know!

  8. Grand idea! You are SO inspiring dear girl...a wonderful influence. Carry on!

  9. I love making lists and crossing them off - some of your UFOs are ones I have already abandonded! It will be fun seeing yours as FFO's (finally finished objects!)

    Have a wonderful time at retreat and I will be looking forward to seeing all your progress!

    Fun, friends, quilting and chocolate - what could be better!

  10. Great idea Anna - I have a few of those as well. Heading to retreat in a couple of days and instead of bringing my sewing machine I had decided to use the time to prep several different things like BOM's that I want sitting by my chair ready for stitching. I like your schedule - your so smart :).

    Hugs - Karen