Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sweet Saturday

Today is a day of putzing and I am going to enjoy every second!  I am working on my free BOM from BJ's Quilt Basket.  This yearly project got off to a rough start but BJ's has gotten the program on a smooth ride.  I really love the blocks...they are different and I am so glad I chose the Christmas mystery.

Yesterday I had a fantastic morning.  By fantastic I mean fun, interesting and new.  The last time I had gone to a garage sale was when the kids were young and even then I probably could count on one hand how many time we went.  On the spur of the moment after looking through the classifieds I decided to go to 2 estate sales.  WOW.  The first one was run by a professional estate business.  You could show up an hour before the start of the sale and get a number.  I showed up 45 minutes before the start and I was number 70!!!  I didn't mind waiting for my number to be called because I met and talked with a whole crowd of people who do this on a regular basis!  Each room of the house was filled with a variety of items...and you could tell what the people who lived there liked...I pegged this one to either be a Budweiser exec...or a judge.  After an hour I had made my purchases.  3 ironstone plates, a carving set with carved stag horn handles made in Germany, a green milk glass mixing bowl and an original copy of the Rolling Stones Magazine with a nude John Lennon lying with Yoko Ono on the, fun, fun.

The second sale was scarier.  It was advertised as a Hoarders Sale.  Down a country road the property was covered with things to buy.  Apparently the owners had passed away but during their life had made a living selling second hand items.  It was fascinating to see what everyone was interested in...and I asked the person behind me if they started to worry about themselves when they see something like this...NOPE!  There was a wide range of stuff from the expensive art...down to toothpick holders.  I did leave a bid on 2 items which will be decided on Sunday, a wagon train painting and a casted metal Remington.  Actual purchase, 1 old blue glass bottle.

Am I hooked?...naw...will I do it again? was fun!


  1. It sounds like a great time, and you made a haul at the first place!

  2. I saw both of thoses advertised in the paper and seriously considered going. Darn, you should have called me!

  3. That sounds like fun, love yard sale season, never know what you will find. Your blocks are wonderful, could use you to help me make my wonky ones, less wonky, lol.


  4. I was hooked on auctions when I bought my first 3rd hand Chinese country antique chest of drawers on an estate auction. The price was cheap, but I shudder to think that all my personal belongings including my old dressing gown will go on auction for people to buy as I have no kids to leave them to. One must look down from the heavens and think oh no the humans are going rummaging through all my personal stuff eeeeuuu!
    I find your granny squares interesting and I like the warm colors you've used.
    I'm busy making quilted cell phone covers for my kids new Tracfone LG800G smart phones, I don't want the touchscreens to get scratched as I paid $50 ea and the kids cell phone time only costs $5.99/month for 40 minutes ea/mnth.
    I'm making the covers out of felt and sewing felt foxes and owls on the top. I stitch everything by hand using blanket stitch around the edges and put stuffing between 2 layers of felt to make the cell phone covers nice and puffy. You can easily get the kids involved as it is so easy.