Thursday, March 1, 2012

March?!!! How Did That Happen???? Check Out The New Contest!

OMG!  It has happened!  I have finally aged to that year where time seems to be moving so fast it's a blur.  I cannot believe it is March!  3 more months and Connor and Emily will have lived in Illinois for 1 whole school year.  Only 2 more years to go and the world will be their oyster (hopefully that oyster is back in the Pacific Northwest). My cousin Kristina gets married in June and a trip to the land of magic with my grandson is 3 very short months. time moving at the speed of a hare or a turtle for you?

The sunny days in San Francisco are a sweet memory as we continue with the last hurrah of winter.  Enzo is loving the stuff.  By the time he comes back in he looks like a strange Christmas tree with frozen snowballs hanging off his fur, lol  The early morning snow is so beautiful with the landscape lit up by it's reflections and there is some satisfaction with taking that first step on the fresh stuff.  As I am typing I can hear in the distance the warriors of the road clearing crew.  Call me weird but I think that job of scooping the early morning snow with the radio rocking to music would be a great job.

Enzo must have spotted some deer bedded down under the trees.

This is going to be a long as in length, blog today.  The reason, I didn't want to put these photos into a slide show because it doesn't allow you to click on them to enlarge. And you are going to want to take a good look at them because the Woolie's at QuiltWorks have been busy! 

I am definitely going to be making this one!  MaryAnn is making this as a shop sample and I love it! Marilyn, owner of QuiltWorks has the pattern on order.  Thanks Marilyn, you saved me shipping.

"Mary from Madras" is a wool project machine and this snowman is adorable!

The projects in the photos above and below were completed by "Mary from Bend" When you click on the crow photo they have real little glasses on! and the wool garden quilt...well it is just stunning.

Can you believe this little guy!!!  He has his own quilt.  Created by know the Woolie who can do it all...quilt, clean, cook, shop, look cute...that's Sandy!  So here is the thing...I am going to run a contest with a little bundle of goodies as a prize. You need to post on this blog a suggested name for this little rabbit and we'll put your name in the dog dish. You will be entered just by making a suggestion. I can't guarantee that Sandy will like any of the names suggested but it will give her some choices since that was a discussion at Woolies.

Here is the March banner of the month...I love crows, they are so opinionated.

I have simply got to make this pillow.  Created by Anne of Cottons 'n Wool it combines two of my favorite things, wool and embroidery!

Psspt, Beth...Marilyn has been working on her own stuff!  I think you need to get a sheep so she can  make you some wool blankies!  Marilyn you are as photogenic as ever and such a cute hair style.

This was an interesting project.  Anne took an embroidery pattern and finished both in embroidery and wool...isn't it amazing.  It doesn't look like the same pattern was used.

And last but not least, Claudine was dreaming of spring time.  So sweet and look at the great carrier she has for her projects.

So as you can see the Woolies do not disappoint.  I now have added at least 5 more projects to my list of "must makes."

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