Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Foodie Tuesday

It may not be about quilting but I have been trying to get control of my life, decrease the stress and figure out ways to be more efficient so I can quilt MORE!!!  As you may have noticed that I have not posted a loss since last month...which means after my doctors appointment I have got to give up diets and just start creatively eating healthy!  This is a challenge since cooking has never been my forte.  But, the Pinterest site is changing all that!  I used to own tons of cook books but gave most of them away because I felt like they were taking up space and...they were taunting me.  I do cut recipes out of the newspaper if I think I can make it and it would be something I would eat. But,  I hate organizing them...since the Pinterest site I can "Pin" recipes and keep them on a bulletin board for future use.  SWEET!!!

Here is the type of thing that occurs in my kitchen.  I found a couple of turkey thighs in the freezer, defrosted and roasted them to accompany a new recipe I had on my "Yumm" board...roasted cauliflower!  I NEVER thought to roast cauliflower!  When the turkey was done I took a "cooks" taste and spit it in the garbage can!!! YUCK!!!  Freezer burn!  HH hates to waste so he tasted it and spit it out also...which meant we had cauliflower for dinner and you know what...it was delicious!  

Next I found this great idea!  I am more likely to let salad fixing go bad in the fridge because I do not like all that chopping to make one...but on the Pinterest site I read about this idea of  making several days worth of salad at one time in wide mouth canning jars.  You layer the fixings and dressing on the bottom and lettuce chopped and layered on top.  Then when you need a salad you just grab one!  I actually think I will be eating more salad, wasting less veggies and maybe soon I will be posting a new loss!!!

Maybe all this tips will create more quilting time for me???

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