Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Foodie Tuesday

It may not be about quilting but I have been trying to get control of my life, decrease the stress and figure out ways to be more efficient so I can quilt MORE!!!  As you may have noticed that I have not posted a loss since last month...which means after my doctors appointment I have got to give up diets and just start creatively eating healthy!  This is a challenge since cooking has never been my forte.  But, the Pinterest site is changing all that!  I used to own tons of cook books but gave most of them away because I felt like they were taking up space and...they were taunting me.  I do cut recipes out of the newspaper if I think I can make it and it would be something I would eat. But,  I hate organizing them...since the Pinterest site I can "Pin" recipes and keep them on a bulletin board for future use.  SWEET!!!

Here is the type of thing that occurs in my kitchen.  I found a couple of turkey thighs in the freezer, defrosted and roasted them to accompany a new recipe I had on my "Yumm" board...roasted cauliflower!  I NEVER thought to roast cauliflower!  When the turkey was done I took a "cooks" taste and spit it in the garbage can!!! YUCK!!!  Freezer burn!  HH hates to waste so he tasted it and spit it out also...which meant we had cauliflower for dinner and you know what...it was delicious!  

Next I found this great idea!  I am more likely to let salad fixing go bad in the fridge because I do not like all that chopping to make one...but on the Pinterest site I read about this idea of  making several days worth of salad at one time in wide mouth canning jars.  You layer the fixings and dressing on the bottom and lettuce chopped and layered on top.  Then when you need a salad you just grab one!  I actually think I will be eating more salad, wasting less veggies and maybe soon I will be posting a new loss!!!

Maybe all this tips will create more quilting time for me???


  1. Now that looks like a good recipe, need some veggie recipes and I like things that are different,but taste good. I eat a lot of salads in the summer and tons of fried summer squash, guess that isn't as good, but I use good oil, lol.


  2. Here's some of the things that I do to cook healthier, and I detest cooking! I buy a lot of boneless, skinless chicken breasts (frozen in a big bag). It's healthy and convenient. Also, I keep a supply of microwave steamer bags, as well as oven and crockpot bags, plus Mrs. Dash Table Blend of seasonings and a big jar of minced garlic. I also stock both healthy non-starchy frozen veggies, and hit the produce market about once a week for fresh stuff.

    I defrost one large or two smaller chicken breasts, sprinkle them liberally with Mrs. Dash and pop them into a steamer bag for the microwave. I also prep (wash, cut, trim) the fresh veggies and put them in another steamer bag. Sometimes I season those and sometimes I don't, depending on what it is. Then I prepare rice, pasta, or potatoes. (Our bodies need carbs, just in small amounts.) Half your plate (not a huge plate either) should be non-starchy veggies, 1/4 of it meat/protein, and 1/4 carb like rice or potatoes. We need a little fat spread throughout the day, so if I'm not serving the frozen veggies with olive oil, I will use a tiny bit of butter for the carb. It's an easy, healthy meal with prep work that can mostly be done ahead so that you can cook them when it's time, and the clean up is minimal.

    Also, I have a recipe that I've recently discovered that is easy enough that I can do it, for portabello "burgers" (they are meatless "burgers") that I make every couple of weeks.

  3. Those salads look like a good idea! Put a piece of fabric on top and a ribbon around it with a pretty bow and you will be sure and grab it when hungry! Good Luck Anna!

  4. Winter time is "comfort food" time. I think it is the hardest time of the year to get control. The salads look great and I love portabello burgers. I have even pan fried them using just the olive oil cooking spray. Good luck - I go to MD next week so I'm right behind you!! What about this: Everytime you feel like eating - you sit down and do 20 minutes of hand work and drink a large glass of water before you can eat. Maybe you'll keep sewing and forget about eating! Just an idea!

  5. Roasted green beans what a treat. Check Google. My weight loss for the past 16 years is 65 pounds. Maintaining is the really hard part. Slow and steady won the race.
    Your quilts are stunning I am impressed.

  6. Thanks for the salad in a jar idea -- I'm going to give it a try!

  7. We make our fruit in a plastic canning jar. Cut up the fruit, layer it and grab one on the way to work! We eat a lot ore fruit now! Love the same idea with salad!

  8. How long do the salads usually last in the refrigerator like that? What type of dressing do you use? I might could actually do that! Thanks