Friday, March 30, 2012

Emperor of a Small Nation!!!

We used to joke that my mom was meant to be the Emperor of a Small Nation and when she became Commodore of her yacht club her destiny was achieved.  I know I have shared this little poster before but I feel like this might be my destiny! 

How much is too much fabric?  How much fabric do you have?  Do you have enough...or are there still treasures on your horizon?  I think Corney/Mary a woolie follower has been on a fabric diet for 3 years!  Do you feel that it is your civic duty as a citizen of the United States of America to help the economy by purchasing more fabric?  Do you feel guilty going into a quilt store and leaving without a purchase?  Are you ashamed about how little or how much fabric you own.  Do you HIDE your fabric?  Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. My fabric is in plain sight, DH has his hobby that he spends money on so no fussiness from him. Do I need more fabric, no, will I buy more, yes, especially tomorrow when my LQS has their 31% off finish the bolt of 5 yards or less sale. Something will go home with me.

  2. There is always a good reason to buy more fabric

  3. Actually, as of tomorrow I will have been on my fabric diet for 3 years plus 3 months! I am very close, I think, to going on "maintenance" mode, where I'll occasionally buy some fabric IF I have not only searched my stash and not found what I need AND I've looked at using a different combination of fabrics for the project that I do have enough to make it with. I've had some serendipitous quilts that I'd have never tried any other way...and loved them.

    I'm planning to finish decluttering and reorganizing my quilting studio in April, and will have a better idea of how much more that I'll need to use up. I know that I have 4 slightly bigger than shoebox sized containers that I want to use up, or declutter, from my old stash still. But I've already got an idea about what to do with some of it. lol

    When I started the diet I didn't feel guilty as much as convicted (a sureness of knowing) that I had been just buying everything that I liked when I didn't need more fabric and I was bringing in more than I was taking out of my stash. When I realized a handful of times that I had bought the same fabric more than once, I decided that it was time to go on a diet! lol Eventually it will become an opportunity to buy something new because I love it and I'll KNOW that I don't have any of it in my "inventory".

  4. I never have enough fabric, lol. I always seem to need something to fill in a project, so it would be nice to have more of various colors and types of fabrics, so I always have it on hand.


  5. I do have(to me) a lot of fabric, but my taste have changed since I first started quilting and collecting fabrics so I'm always buying more.
    No I do not hide my fabric, my hubby has more than one hobby he spends money on so I buy whatever I can afford.

  6. I buy MUCH less fabric than I use to and it is purely a financial reason. I do not have the expendable income that I had three years ago. There is just me here so no need to hide anything. I have a lot of fabric and will never run out of fabric. In fact would love some projects for others to use up fabric but not projects that look "used up" if you know what I mean.