Monday, March 19, 2012

Cross Eyed

Last week after visiting Acorns & Threads shop in Portland, Oregon I have become excited about my love of cross stitch.  I know exactly when I started cross was March 1989.  How do I know this?  I had made a permanent move with HH and our sons to Central Oregon in Dec. of 1988.  When I met HH in 1977 his father lived in Central Oregon so our vacations were always to Bend/Sisters. By 1988 we had loaded up our stuff and headed north.  I started working the evening shift at the community hospital in Redmond.  Lasted one month. As a labor nurse who was used to lots of activity I had landed in a place that had 3-4 deliveries a month and worked alone! I was pumping breast milk at work every night crying my eyes about postpartum hell!  After one month I changed jobs and became a labor nurse on the night shift in Bend which had a few more deliveries and most importantly I had co-workers.  This is where I met my friend Robin...who cross stitched.  I had previously done a little needlepoint but was immediately excited about learning to cross stitch.  Here are a few of my earlier pieces.

I am attracted to samplers...can you hear me Alma???  I am still have a dream of stitching, cooking, baking...just like YOU!

Robin made this lovely name plate for my birthday one year and it hangs proudly in my sewing room.  

Dale, a Fabric Stalker made this wonderfully funny wall hanging which graces a wall in my sewing room...cause she who dies with the most fabric, wins!!!  The star is all cross stitched with a variety of wonderful cross stitch techniques.  

This wonderful pumpkin cross stitch was made by Robin also and is a testament to our quiet understanding.

Here is another cross stitch I had created back in the 90's which goes to show that my tastes have remained somewhat the same...stretching back to our farm house prim days in California.

...and here is the latest...or oldest UFO...I know it must have been started back in the mid 90's and was almost 3/4 completed when I found it last week.  It will be a wonderful piece for our laundry room

The thing that totally cracks me up is that all of these are proudly displayed in my home and yet cross stitch seemed to have disappeared from my conscious brain!  Until I saw Button Up Your Overcoat on Anne's blog.  Now I can't stop thinking about it and already have 3 more projects on my list!  As I said in a previous blog, quilters usually are participating in complimentary crafts and the Fabric Stalkers are also knitters, cross stitchers, potters...and they all do WOOL! LOL  wonder why?

PS.  Happy Birthday Cakers!!!


  1. I used to do nice cross stitch, but now I am lucky if I can do a decent job on 14 count, lol.


  2. The pieces are wonderful! I especially like the quiet understanding one... I hadn't thought about cross stitch for a long while. Thanks for bringing it to mind once again.

  3. Just wanted you to know I'm still loving listening to your friend Bill Keale! Elvis (if he *is* still alive LOL) should sing Can't Help Falling in Love as beautifully as Bill does. Thank you so much for helping me find his songs.

    I used to do tons of cross stitch and like you, just drifted away from it as life got busier. (I began in July 1978, and I remember because we drove to North Dakota to visit college friends and she taught me and I taught her how to sew knits). Happy memories, like yours.

  4. Thanks for sharing your wonderful cross stitch pieces - my favorite is the sampler with the girl stitching. Also love the one for your new laundry room. Maybe someday I will get back to it.........loved seeing yours.

    Have a great week, Anna!

  5. Hi Anna, this is a late comment. Just catching up on a week's lot of blogs, and saw the first picture of your Xstitch projects. I did one almost exactly like the black/cream/grey one of the lady- I must find it- had completely forgotten about it. I would have done in in the early 90's too. Lovely work you have done. Love the quilts on the clothes line! Sandy. :0