Sunday, March 4, 2012

BOM Mystery Class

Our monthly BOM mystery class was held yesterday at BJ's Quilt Basket.  Which meant I was up at 0430 sewing my blocks!  Something in my life has got to get some tweaking because the way it is running right now is NO FUN!  I am in a perpetual state of tiredness.  So much so that when HH was driving me around running errands in the afternoon....I fell asleep.  The kind of asleep where you head is bobbing around like one of those bobble head dolls!

Today I am going to get organized.  I bought some office supplies, I am clearing out the file cabinet and I am going to streamline my life (I do this about every 6 months...or at least I decide to do this every 6 months).  Let me know what the #1 thing you do that makes your life more organized!

Enjoy the slide show and don't forget to leave a comment on this blog post to name Sandy's rabbit and be sure you are a follower.  

On another note I try to respond to comments left on the blog.  If you have not received an email from me most likely you email is listed as a "no reply to comment."  or...sometimes I am just tired. lol

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  1. Beautiful quilt show! You must be on inspiration overload in that town :-) What an amazing group of quilters!
    Not sure I have an organization tip...but what I do is often just put things where they need to go and start tackling "to do's" one at a time staying with them till they are done. And I try not to walk into my "DH's" office where "my" desk is covered with his stuff....because then I lose my mind and need to sit on the couch watching tv and eating cookies! He's a sweetheart but he needs some organization tips too!

  2. Beautiful quilts and I love the partridges and the last pieced quilt.
    I need to go through my books and see what I can make for my new bed.

    I forgot the name the bunny, all I keep thinking of is the cartoon with the abominable snowman and he says, I think I'll call him George, lol.


  3. I use a day planner (DayTimer or Franklin Covey), which is my first tip. I put events, deadlines, birthdays, anniversaries, etc on the monthly 2 page calendar. On the daily pages (I use the 2 page per day) I list my tasks for the day, any events, schedule (like guild meetings) are blocked out on the time section, info on research or that I want to be able to refer back to later, etc. Then I prioritize the tasks with A, B or C. I assign a task to make/mail a card for birthday's 1 week before the occasion. I use the monthly goals section on the back of the monthly calendar pages to list my projects or commitments. In another column I put specifics of what project for which commitment. On my daily pages I put "work on March goals" and which one I need to work on that day, decided by it's urgency/deadline. And I check off all tasks that are finished as I finish them, and move forward any that might require more time, moving them to a higher priority.

    Another thing that I try to do daily....if I find a clutter (Boy, do I have some big ones!), I pick one little spot/pile and spend 15 minutes working it. Piles for trash, keep, sell/donate...then put the "keep" stuff where they belong...sell/donate in a box with that designation out in the garage...and trash...well, in the trash. You'd be surprised how much you can accomplish in 15 minutes. I've cleaned and organized and decluttered 2 bookshelves in a 2 day period! If things are organized and uncluttered, it is so much easier to get things done.

  4. Another amazing slide show. I am making this short so you can go back to organizing.

  5. i love that bobblehead - i have a Chewbaca bobblehead living here somewhere - if i was a little more organized, i'd show him to you ... guess i'll add that to the list of things i need to do someday ... where IS that list of things to do?!?

  6. I fell that he looks like a Herb. Great quilt show!

  7. My hint: I open my mail in the garage over a trash can. 90% of the paper I get goes right into the trash and not into the house.

    Thanks for the slide show.