Sunday, March 25, 2012

Adapting to Life

Last night Robin came over.  I made a short rib dinner for HH, Rob and I.  My sister had shared a great short rib recipe, the dinner turned out fabulous.  The dogs got 2 walks which helped with the stuffed feeling from dinner.  Afterwards we set to do a little stitching. Robin whipped out her head lamp. 

Some people are better at adapting to the ever changing landscape of life and for some flexibility eludes them.  I learn a lot from my friends on how to adapt to loss, aging...and all the changes that life can bring.  With that said...I wonder if I can find a headlamp with a red polka dot band???

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain."


  1. What would we do without our wonderful friends to teach us along the way. Of course you can find a headlamp with red polka dots.

  2. Friends make all the difference, dont' they? And where does one get a headlamp on a polka dot band? I'm at the stage of life where there is never too much light when I'm stitching!

  3. I have seen the ones you wear around your neck with a light and magnifying, think that would be nice for small work. I finally got new glasses, so i use my close ups for small work, sure makes a difference.


  4. Friends are Forever! And you have the Best Anna!
    If you don't find a polka dot headband I know you can make one! LOL!
    Hi to Robin!

  5. I **NEED** that recipe for short ribs!!! lol You and Robin are blessed to have such a great friendship. Now as for that red polka dot headband....if you can't find it, you could make it! There's white paint, round paper stickers, appliqué, and always an assortment of stretchy elastic in fun colors...maybe even polka dot.