Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Will You Be My Valentine?

It is really hard not to be in love with a man who will give you a Valentine like this one!  A Pink phone, dog and popcorn all in one card!

The photo shoot was interesting.  Since the photographer really has no idea about quilting. So you just point him in the direction of the quilts and he is off and shamelessly try to get Enzo in every photo and at the same time duck out of each photo.  Alas he made me sit for a couple of shots.  After taking dozens of photos and knowing that they probably will only use 3-4 I am hoping the editor weeds out the ones of me and keeps the ones of Enzo! lol  I did meet the deadline and my house was clutter fact I am kinda enjoying the momentary bliss of having the clutter hidden, lol.

I caught a photo of the photographer taking a picture of my front porch while Linda the writer talks with Enzo.

You will be hearing more about Linda in March.  We had time to chat after the photo shoot and I was in awe of all that she does...a former editor of Sew News, proofs patterns for magazines and fabric companies...she writes her own patterns...and both she and her husband each have their own sewing rooms!!!!  She also tells me that Hancock's monthly feature sale is Mary Ellen's Best Press and if you have never used this starch product it is the best!!!  She would know since her DH is the manager of the #8 store in the nation...right here in Bend!! In March I will be doing a in depth interview with her for the blog...along with a sewing room photo shoot of hers and her husband's sewing room!  I wonder who has the larger stash???

I hope you are having a great sewing day...for me I am off to work!


  1. Linda and keith also make and donate alot of quilts to bend quilts for kids, which i so appriciate!

  2. I just love your picture of the dog, pink phone and popcorn! It really brought a smile to my face, and believe me, this morning I REALLY needed a smile and some cheer. Thanks so much.

    Looking forward to your interview!

  3. LOL Love the card! :-) I can't wait to hear more abt Linda and her husband. Have a happy day!

  4. That card is so fun, and love the shots of your photo shoot.


  5. The card is great, and I'm sure that the photos taken will all turn out wonderful...especially the ones with you AND Enzo in them!! I'll be looking forward to the interview.