Friday, February 3, 2012

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Brown???

Today I wanted to show you a couple of things...first the something borrowed.  Since discovering the  Pinterest site I have gone bonkers!  The Pin site is a personal bulletin board of photos saved off of the Internet and pinned to topic appropriate bulletin boards.  So if you click on the Pinterest Button on the right side of the blog you will arrive at my bulletin boards.  I have organized them by category and it has been an adventure!  While searching for RedWorks designs I came across this little Owl and fell in love!  I made a print on Transfer Eze layered onto my fabric and am ready to stitch!  But....Red just did look or feel I am going to do Brown Work! lol  You can make a copy of him off of my Embroidery bulletin board on my Pinterest site!

I also had to figure out which UFO I would make friends with next.  It is a doozy.  I found a UFO that I inherited.  A dear Material Girl who left for the great quilt room in the sky left her sewing room to the rest of us gals.  This project was a BOM she signed up for and never made one block!  It was from Fons and Porter.  The problem at the time was that one month was missing.  Not so bad for a scrap quilt but the setting block which is all made out of the same fabric is also missing one month.  At some point I made up all the blocks...the pattern is from the Fons and Porter Magazine dated 1996!!! and I don't have a clue when I made up all the pieces...but now I am going to start putting them together.  It is a big quilt with a Civil war feel to it.  I know Jackie would be laughing her head off watching me work on her UFO!

Can you see how old this issue is...title and hairdos have changed! lol

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