Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Kit

First let me give you the disclaimer...I did NOT fall off my fabric diet. The kit in this story was purchased in December when I was having anxiety about the diet! lol  Secondly I am in no way trashing Jan Patek or her design fact I love her patterns.  I have on the other hand read on her own blog that she in the past and obviously in the present has had issues with the mailing of her orders due to some issues with the local postal office.

So here is the sequence.  I ordered the kit "Here Comes Santa" on Dec. 24th.  After the first of the year I started trying to track it down.  First I went on the website found the contact email and sent an email.  After a week when I didn't get a response I called the number and left a message.  A few days later I called again but the voicemail box was full.  Then I called 2 more times and finally got a hold of Byron (love his name...just like my #1 grandson) and he said he would check it out. I left a message in a comment box on the blog...and met someone else who had the same exact problem!  Turns out the email address person no longer works for them so don't leave an email.  Byron called back 10 minutes later! and said he sees the order but obviously something happened to it and so he was sending me out another one!  Sweet!

Over a month later on January 29th it this condition!

and the postage on it was totally amazing!  Besides the Flat Rate Mailer there were 5 - 1 cent stamps, 1- 5 cent stamp and 1 - 10 cent stamp!  I had no idea there were 5 & 10 cent stamps anymore!

But, it was worth it cause look at this kit!  I can't wait till it moves up the list as a must do!!!
...and Jan...someone in the postal service must have it out for you!

Happy Birthday are my sunshine!


  1. It is very cute, how big is the finished product?

  2. Hurry up and move it to the top of the list so I can borrow your pattern. :). So glad it finally arrived.

  3. interesting story. I ordered a turkey pattern from them via the website in early Nov. When it never came I called and called and finally got a man. He sent it out. But by that time Turkey day was done and so it now sits in my pile of patterns. I think maybe they need to get on the ball and find someone to do work for them. I won't order from them directly now. If I want one of her wonderful patterns I find it elsewhere that is reliable. to bad for them.

  4. Wow, I'm so glad it finally arrived! They had to put extra stamps on because the postage went up. I'll be watching your progress too! Have fun! And happy birthday to your HH! ;)

  5. I have had one package disappear on me, a big box of Christmas goodies from a friend and no idea where it went. I think they left it at the wrong house and the person who got it, kept it for themselves;) Something that couldn't be replaced. At least you can work on it now when things have slowed down and enjoy sewing.


  6. What an odyssey!! I can't imagine waiting that long for a delivery after ordering. I've been climbing the walls just waiting for a delivery since last Saturday! It arrived a few minutes ago, and I could have kissed the UPS driver! lol As for the pattern, it's really cute and I can see that it would be a perfect project to move up to first place on that "To Do" list for a couple of weeks from now....just saying'! lol

    Happy Birthday HH!!

  7. I had the same problem of trying to get them to stop two clubs. I sent e-mails, letters by the post office, and many voicemails. After several months of this I finally got a lady to respond to my e-mails and I haven't received any more kits. She also said they had someone quit without notice.

  8. This is a fabulous pattern. So glad you finally received it. But I have to ask, does the post office look through these parcels, decide if they want it or not, and if they don't, send it on its way? I think, after all this trouble, you should definitely move it up to the top of the list.

  9. Oh dear - thought it was only me. I too participated in JP pattern/fabric clubs and then would get duplicates or billed for items I never received. Tried numerous times to quit to no avail. Sent packages back to them at my cost - still they kept coming. And yes I tried calling, leaving messages and E-mailing - no one every responds. So now I have a box of unopened packages waiting for someone to call me to pay for them and advise me how to stop them from coming and to get the unopened ones back to them. This doesn't mean I won't buy JP patterns - I love her stuff and have most of her books. I just don't want to deal with them through the mail. I will buy her patterns from other sources. - Just saying....