Saturday, February 11, 2012

Quiet River Day 2!

First and foremost I must say that we miss the Fabric Stalkers who couldn't make the retreat!  Dale, Julie & Lindsey...we love you!  Secondly...everyone says "hi" Twilene...I can't respond to your comment cause you are listed as a "no reply" follower.  You can fix that by reading the "how too" on the right column of the blog.

Day 2 was sweet.  I thought about my mom...a lot and feel so blessed to be here quilting.  She always loved telling her friends that we were quilting at Quiet River.  This morning we got up and started stitching.  Later in the morning everyone was in and out on various errands.  I rode "Patty" home to pick up some binding and my "Flippin Bird" project.  Enzo was sooooo happy to see me, so I stopped and played for a while.  Nancy got a haircut. Val & Irene went to work out and Robin went home to bring her garbage cans in...and then we all met up at the movies and watched "One For The Money."  Fun movie.  

I wanted to show you something that I am so freaking happy about!  I occasionally like to save color coordinated scraps from previous project in individual baggies.  This photo shows some of the scraps from my Primitive Gatherings Summer Stars ( another WIP)

I picked out several same sized strips and sewed them together.

...and then I used them as a border for my latest stitchery...isn't he sooooo adorable!

Drum roll please!  The unveiling of the latest step of "Flippin Bird" projects.  If you are a recent follower...let me explain the project.  One of the Fabric Stalkers had been dragging a project that she lost interest in to every the seat of her chair.  Each year we listened to the angst of having that project in her chair and finally a year ago it was proposed that we take it out and pass it around with each of us adding and recreating the project!  Then in our excitement we figured...we all had a "Flippin Bird" in our life and so we would chose one and pass it around for each member to add something to the quilt.  And so these are the "Flippin' Birds."  You ask why it is called Flippin Bird...use your imagination and then add to that the fact that the quilt blocks that were being dragged around were called "birds in the air."

Val's Quilt

Irene's Quilt

Lindsey's Quilt

Jane's Quilt

Robin's Quilt

Nancy's Quilt (the one that started it all)

My Quilt!

...and Lori's Quilt

We have two more passes of the quilts before we are done and I can't wait to see the finished products!

Enjoy the slide show...there are more UFO's biting the dust!

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  1. Oh my goodness! You guys are all so very talented! This is like going to a quilt show while sitting in my Jammie's and drinking coffee! I only wish I lived in your neck of the woods so I could go to wonderful retreats like this and, of course, so I could hit some of those great quilt shops!! Excellent, wonderful quilts ladies!!!

  2. Looks like you guys have been very busy! Good job on finishing yet another UFO! Woot!

  3. Wonderful projects! I love your '96 quilt! Scrappy and red~ gorgeous!! Had a laugh at the 'free' photo. :-) Have a happy day!

  4. I love how your owl came out and that border really sets it off so beautifully, now I have to make one.


  5. Beautiful Quilts! Glad you're all getting lots done! Anna, love your little cute! I smiled when I saw Robin sewing with her headlamp on! I am trying that for sure! Have a great evening Fabric Stalkers!!!

    Hope I did the right thing for the reply.

  6. Loved seeing all the awesome projects! Your owl is too cute with that border - love it! It is wonderful you are enjoying time with your friends with memories of your mom - have a happy day!

  7. Love all the quilts but that owl made me take a third look. Was wondering if you did him in brown or black? Can't really tell. I wanted to do him but couldn't see him in red. Now I know what I'll do. Take Care & be safe

  8. Your owl is so cute... wonderful projects....