Friday, February 10, 2012

Quiet River 2012

It is during the challenging times that you realize how incredibly important girlfriends are to putting perspective into life.  You can see as you unpack that there are common items that are packed no matter what type of quilter you are...sewing machine, ott light, cutting mat, rotary cutter, chocolate, brownies, nuts, maxi pads and cell phones.  With these items you can have an enjoyable weekend. 

Everyone is on a big UFO kick and the project boxes were numerous.  As you can see from the slide show...some of us didn't get a project photographed.  But not to I will taking a lot of photos.  The first day is always a breaking of the quilting ice.  We catch up on each others lives, we talk about some of our worries, we eat (Tate & Tate) and we make tentative plans for the rest of the weekend.  Some bring lists, some fly by the seat of their pants...and some are so worn out by life that they are caught day dreaming and mumbling...but it matters not because we are together!

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