Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quiet River 2012 Day 3

Day 3 started with a bang...plans for mega quilting sessions and yoga...then a call came and Robin's mom in hospice care was declining and so a 15 hour drive was ahead of her and for us, a day of worry.  Like mother hens with a chick on the loose we knew she had been up since 0400 quilting and now was faced with an emotional trip.  Quickly wrapping the details of life so she could start heading south she was gone...and left a big hole.  An event like this makes me consider how incredibly important friendship are to our lives.  

Lately life has been sprinkled with event like this and as they say the circle of life...well, it's a circle and so take every moment you can and enjoy!

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  1. I'll include Robin and her family in prayers today. Life really does have a full circle to experience. And you are right. Friends make a big difference!
    The slide show reveals some great accomplishments! You guys rock!

  2. Best wishes and a safe trip for Robin! It's funny after following your blog for so long I feel like I know the Fabric Stalkers.

    Your snowmen turned out so cute. Did you quilt them first and then add the border?

  3. All of your quilts all very very beautiful! My thoughts go out to robin.

  4. Your quilts and blocks are just wonderful! The friendship bonding you all have is precious! You are in my thoughts and prayers Robin, have a safe trip!

  5. Keeping Robin in my T&P's today too. :-(

    Love your snowmen! Did you already tell us the pattern? I need to check it out. :-)

    All the projects are just wonderful! Way to sew girls!

  6. l go on retreat often with the same bunch of girls ( our next is in 2 weeks) and like your group, as we sew, we share our life stories, joys and sadness, and bring a depth to our friendship that does not exist with others. These women are the threads that bind our lives together. l am so glad you have your group. My thoughts are with Robin.

  7. Robin and her family are in my prayers.